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A Parade of Easter Sweets

Whether you have big plans, little plans or no plans, you can whip up one of these spring-y sweets to help celebrate the day. I have rated these recipes based on difficulty and time needed so you can choose the one that fits into your life.

Braided Bread Stuffed with Lemon Curd. This soft, delicate, flaky filled bread is so tangy and sweet. It is really a perfectly beautiful bread to BRING to a brunch, one that you are not hosting and you are only responsible for ONE THING. Because this one is a solid 9/10  in difficulty level (maybe a 10…let’s not mince words) and is totally worth it if you have the time and energy.

Braided Sweet Bread

Perhaps you should try this Carrot and Poppy Seed Bundt Cake. It is honestly surprisingly scrumptious. I only say surprisingly because it is not chocolate, but it is pleasantly different, pretty and hits many notes of flavor with the sweet carrots, licorice-y poppy seeds and all in an easy to make bundt cake. This is a 3/10 for difficulty and time IF you have a food processor to grate your carrots. Otherwise, it may shoot up to a solid 7 for pain in the assness (I hate grating carrots and in my personal experience no one likes to get  a smidgen of skin in their cake from my scraped up knuckles). I NEVER claim to be coordinated. Never ever.

Carrot bundt

My Lemon Layer Chiffon Cake Filled with Lemon Curd is a stunning show piece for any Easter table and would make any hostess shout with glee if you brought it to her party. It is definitely a 10/10 for fussiness, but if you have a good brand of prepared Lemon Curd you like that helps make it more do-able.

Lemon Whole Cake

My spicy Parsnip Cupcakes with Tangy Cream Cheese Frosting are addicting, disappear in minutes and are EASY to make (3/10). Again, the easy part depends on you having a food processor. Otherwise, same problem as in the Carrot Cake above.

Parsnip Cupcakes

 And for My GF Followers, I would highly recommend making my Gluten Free Cinnamon Spice Cupcakes with Cinnamon Butter Cream.   My blog started before we started to eat more Gluten Free so I don’t have many GF recipes for the occasion yet. In my experience, most cakes and cupcakes can be made gluten free by using my GF Flour Blend 1  in place of AP flour, adding 3/4 a teaspoon of Xanthan gum and only including 1/4 a teaspoon of salt regardless of the recipe.  This tends to work well.

Cinnamon Spice cupcakes GF

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter, and to those celebrating Passover, I wish you a wonderful Passover as well.



Not for Sissies Spiced Molten Chocolate Cakes

Inhale. I am giving you permission unlike Bill Clinton’s little foray. You’re not running for president are you? Let’s hope not. Use some imagination…c’mon…I know you can. Close your eyes, picture standing in my kitchen. Please step over the Golden Retriever. Chances are, she is lying at your feet, or more likely has her nose in your crotch. Try to ignore that…it’s difficult, but please try for this little exercise.

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf {Chocolate Kahlua Cake Drizzled with Kahlua Ganache and Kahlua Icing}

I am she…the one who cried wolf. The one who has said at least ten times or so here on S&C that this is the BEST something or other EVER! But what if it is? Will you believe me this time? Have I whittled away your trust? I sure hope not because the only loser in this equation is YOU if that is so.

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Black Cocoa Perfection and Evil Awesomeness {Chocolate Malted Cupcakes with Whipped Chocolate Malted Frosting}

Few things are perfect but these things come to mind:

Black Cocoa Powder which was used in these dark, dark, moist and chocolatey malted cupcakes.
Calorie FREE chocolate malted cupcakes which these are NOT…one can certainly dream can’t she?
And my daughter’s smile when opening her fifteenth birthday present which was a first edition copy of her favorite book with author’s signature.


My words are few today because life is going at its usual lightning speed right now. So what’s new? But life is good and birthdays are super good. And watching your daughter open presents and having your husband make her dreams come true are all beautiful things. He was the mastermind behind finding a signed first edition of Night Circus and surprising her with it yesterday morning. Continue reading


Sunny Side Up Orange Layer Cake

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person? I have to admit that I, like Darth Vader, naturally swing to the darker side, BUT knowing my sinister ways, I try very hard to make a conscious decision to look at the bright side.


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A Tunnel of Fudge Cake Happy Birthday Toast to My Dad

I was sixteen and running late for my first date with a boy whom I really liked and I made the cataclysmic mistake of telling my dad to “entertain” him for a few minutes. After I sprayed my last bit of Aqua Net onto my two inch high bangs, glossed over my lips and slipped on my “pumps”, I walked into our family room to find my dad, six foot three inches tall, and my date tap dancing on our wood floors while my dad whistled and sang, “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

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Fourth of July Round-Up

Cuz I have been in the lazy groove of summer and living life large a little too much lately, I don’t have a new post for the Fourth of July holiday but I do have some tried and true faves and I also have seen some pretty snazzy stuff around the blogosphere. So enjoy…and have a wonderful, tasty and SAFE Fourth. BTW…all the gorgeous photos you see below are stolen from the blogs mentioned and linked to in this post.

How about starting the day with my Red Velvet Pancakes and cream cheese dipping sauce (that’s breakfast code for frosting). These would surely wake up the family and begin the celebration on the right foot.

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf {Chocolate Kahlua Cake Drizzled with Kahlua Ganache and Kahlua Icing}

I am she…the one who cried wolf. The one who has said at least ten times or so here on S&C that this is the BEST something or other EVER! But what if it is? Will you believe me this time? Have I whittled away your trust? I sure hope not because the only loser in this equation is YOU if that is so.

Let’s reconsider that last statement. I am NOT calling all of my readers losers. Well, I don’t think so anyhow. I am actually just saying that if I have blown your trust to smithereens, although it may be my fault entirely, if you don’t believe me this time, you will be so, so sorry because this IS the BEST chocolate cake I have ever made (I am fairly certain). Continue reading


Frosting as Superglue and a Chocolate Malted S’mores Birthday Cake

Like my cake, this post is a bit of a mess. Sometimes I just don’t think linearly. I know, the rich and chocolatey S’mores cake looks just fine, even delicious, BUT it definitely had a rough start. The crazy baker who had gotten up at 5:00am to frost it was still a bit sleepy. She had not had her coffee and she was doing dangerous stunts with the serrated knife and muttering to herself while burning her finger tips on the freshly broiled marshmallows. It may have been the morning of the birthday party. This idiotic baker may not have planned ahead quite as well as she thought.

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Luscious Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and Lemon Butter Cream Frosting

If you have been dreaming of soft, pillowy clouds and bright beautiful lemons dancing on them, then this IS the cake for you. Maybe you are not strange and you don’t dream of lemons dancing on clouds…but that’s OK…we can still be friends. Just make this cake.

I have never in my life taken a bite of a softer cake. I almost felt like a little halo was surrounding this cake because I imagine that if angels eat cakes, they would eat this.

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