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Hi All, 

I have recently just entered the world of GF! I would recommend to hold off on buying all the crazy GF flours out there UNTIL you buy a cookbook. Then you will buy only the flours you need. I bought GF pancake mix and a couple of other things I am just not using since I am making my own mixes and flour blends which I have found to be much tastier and the textures to be nice and light and fluffy, rather than gritty or grainy. I, personally, found Amazon prices to be much better than my local markets. I bought the flours in packs of four and paid what almost one pack of flour would have been around here. So comparison shop because GF foods are fairly expensive.

Here are two favorite books I have found thus far:

My numero uno GF “go to” book is: Gluten Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts. My pancakes and waffles are made from this book and I read every detail on how to properly blend and measure GF flours for the best results.  This book also has delicious, never would guess they are GF, chocolate chip cookies which has that exact quote on the cover as written by Gourmet Magazine and sold me on the book in the first place. It works so I am a true believer in her cookbook. I would love to buy her Gluten Free Baking Classics Bread Machines book as well.

I absolutely adore Astisanal Gluten Free Cupcakes written by Kelli and Peter Bronksi

—Although, I have only tried one of the cupcakes (The chocolate cupcake), it was so delicious that I am convinced the others will be just as good. There are so many amazing flavors and types of cupcakes and frostings in this book and she also goes into detail on flours and her favorite flour blend.

Neither of these books are GFCF if you need Caesin free recipes as well.

Gluten Free Flour Blend 1
From Annalise Roberts to be used in her recipes

This recipe makes Three Cups of Flour. You can double  it if you want to keep more around for easy use in the future.
2 c. EXTRA FINELY GROUND brown rice flour (extra finely ground makes a HUGE difference in texture)
2/3 c. potato starch(not potato flour)
1/3 c. tapioca flour

When measuring GF flours, this is critical: Lightly spoon the flour into the measuring cup over the flour container so the excess can fall back to where it came from. Never pack GF flours. Use a mixing bowl with a fitted lid like a large Tupperware bowl. Place your ingredients in the bowl and whisk to disperse ingredients.
Then tightly fit the lid on and shake it like nobody’s business. This aerates the flour mixture so your pancakes or whatever will turn out light and fluffy.

*Please consult Ms. Roberts’ site, the Food Philosopher,  for more details.

Gluten Free Flour Blend 2

For pastries and baked goods taken from Artisanal Cupcakes (please buy the book for a complete and utterly wonderful list of cupcakes and such):

Makes about 3 cups of flour for use in baked goods (not breads)
1 1/4 cups (156 g) brown rice flour
3/4 cup (88 g) sorghum flour
2/3 cup (84 g) cornstarch
1/4 cup (148 g) potato starch
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon (17 g) potato flour
1 teaspoon (3 g) xanthan gum

How to make the flour: Carefully measure all of the ingredients per instructions in tips below and mix using a wire whisk. Place the lid tightly fitted onto the mixing bowl and shake it like nobody’s business. My daughter and I shook it up and down and then side to side. This aerates the flour well.

If you would like to make a 12 c. version of the Artisan Flour to make life easier, then BUY THE BOOK! You really need the book, it’s a gem.

IMPORTANT tricks that seem to make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

1. When measuring these flour(s), hold your one cup measuring cup over the container (Tupperware type storage) and gently SPOON the flour into the measuring cup until it is slightly overflowing. Scrape off excess with a knife. Some people weigh their GF flours, but this book does not call for that and I did not and my recipes have ALL come out smashingly.

2. Always shake up your flours in their air-tight containers before using or measuring. This aerates them and seems to keep your measuring accurate.

3. Get an airtight large mixing bowl with a tightly fitting lid. I use this to make and store my Artisanal Flour Blend

4. Store flours in airtight containers. Some may be better off in the freezer, look this up.

Disclaimer: I am very new to the Gluten Free world of eating and baking. So please do NOT use this page as a medical or professional guide in any way, shape or form. Trust your doctors, nutritionists and any expert to cook and eat the way YOU need to. 

I realize many people not only need to eat Gluten Free but perhaps Caesin free as well. I have not yet explored Caesin free, but will be doing that too so come back later and see if I have recipes that are GF & CF as well.

8 thoughts on “Gluten Free

  1. I highly agree with mixing your own flours. I’m not sure if you knew you could freeze the flours until you need them, especially if you’re buying in packs of four. I am a Celiac and am exclusively gfree, so I look forward to seeing what you conjure up in your kitchen.

  2. I’m new to your blog but it looks beautiful and delicious! Do you ever delve into the dairy-free?

    • Hello. Nice to have you here. I have not delved into the dairy free. My son’s diagnosis was deemed incorrect and he does not have Celiac’s disease so I ended up not needing to do that. I do wish you the best, though, with your dairy free recipe pursuits.

    • I love this blog too, I just wish that I could eat all of it 🙂 I have a few dairy free and gluten free recipes on my blog, such as golden syrup dumplings, also when making the gluten free cupcakes on this blog, I created icing from lactose-free cream cheese, butter alternative and icing sugar. It worked a treat!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to visiting your blog 🙂

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