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“The One” and a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Home Made Butter Toffee {Secret Recipe Club}

This is my first month as part of the Secret Recipe Club and what a better way to get my toes dipped into the water, then to get to feature a recipe from a talented blogger, Katie, at Epicurean Mom. I have to tell you, her stunning photos of her beautiful children immediately captured my attention.

There were so many drool-worthy recipes to choose from that I had a bit of trouble narrowing down my choice, but when I got to Home Made Butter Toffee Chunks in Chocolate Chip Cookies, I knew I had met “the one”. You know in the depths of your soul when you have found “the one”, don’t you? Continue reading


A Parade Of Halloween Treats and Meals…

I am a bit of a Halloween addict I am afraid and when perusing my own blog, I realized just how many recipes I have posted for Halloween inspired food. So here is the parade…and an easy spot to find all the fun and scary food you are looking for…

Blood-Red Heirloom Tomato Soup with Vampire Fang Grilled Cheese

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Blogging, A Yummly Recipe Contest and Caramel Apple Cupcakes

HI ALL!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! My Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes are a finalist in the Yummly Halloween Contest! PLEASE GO VOTE by hitting the like button below my Vampire Cupcakes  at Yummly here. 

The tangled web of blogging. It’s been an odd ride this last 15 months to say the least.  What started out as a strange obsession with baking and a random “What the heck” moment when clicking “publish” on my first post has turned into an even stranger obsession with blogging.

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Legendary Pumpkin Bread Pudding and My Favorite Gongoozler

First of all, you are probably now asking yourself two things…1)What makes THIS pumpkin bread pudding so extraordinary, and 2) What the HECK is a gongoozler? I will proceed to explain both if you are patient.

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Chocolate Spiderweb Cookies and a Spooky Halloween Hot Cocoa Bar

Here is something yummy and spooky for your Halloween table….soft yet slightly crispy chocolate spider web cookies. What could be more fun to serve your little guests after a cold night of trick-or-treating than a hot cocoa bar complete with chocolate spiderweb cookies, chocolate dipped Oreos, ghost-shaped Peep marshmallows and homemade chocolate spiders?

Even the adults can get in on this recipe since I managed to spike the icing in the adultified version. I added a little Frangelico to the icing to kick things up a notch. Continue reading


A Birthday Cookie and One Last Hurrah

The dust has settled. It’s weird. My kitchen looks rather naked without its beautiful wood floors. It makes me uncomfortable; to see it like this…pulled apart at the seams.

Yesterday morning I knew this was the beginning of the end of my baking for a few weeks, at least in my own kitchen anyway. You know me, I will probably become a squatter in somebody else’s kitchen. I barely can breath without baking. Continue reading


Death by the No Nut Chocolate Cookies

My favorite cookbook hands down is Death By Chocolate by Marcel Desaulniers. I can’t say that I’ve actually made more than 10 of the 30 or so recipes, but every recipe I have tried is my new favorite. These triple chocolate cookies are one of those favorites.

They are dark, extra chocolatey, soft with just a slightly crisp outer layer, and they are just a tiny bit salty. Can you think of a more perfect cookie? You can? It’s missing something perhaps? I know, some of you out there are literally jumping up and down shouting…”Where the heck are the nuts?” What was SHE THINKING?
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