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Baking, a Love Story


Put the Lime in the Coconut…Banana Bread

There are days you just need a Mai Tai at 9:00 am. You know those days? When crumbles of life are falling down all around you and the only sane thing to do is to drink something fruity and tropical and rather strong? Well, I have a rather innocent solution, one that will not garner worried looks from your friends and relatives and one that is so amazingly delicious that you may not mind any more that your life is in shambles.


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Mock Hollandaise in a Real World

I live just outside of Los Angeles, and I actually love it—minus the stand-still, mind numbing traffic. There’s absolutely nothing good that can be said about that. I am someone who needs action to be happy, a life that is constantly on the go, and living near LA gives that to me, in spades.


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Coconut Cream-Filled Cupcakes with Matcha Frosting

Please excuse the cobwebs here at Sweet and Crumby. Life over at my digs is like the spin cycle of my washer, just whirring so fast that it makes me a little dizzy.  So…you will have to enjoy this repeat, or you are more than welcome to move on. 🙂 No hard feelings. Truly.

I wish I could send you one of these sweet little mini coconut, cream-filled cupcakes with Matcha frosting.  They are soft, with a tender crumb, have a mild dreamy coconut flavor, and the rich, smooth frosting is perfectly offset by earthy green tea.

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Love is in the Air

Whether you have a sweetheart, a sweet kid to bake cookies for, a dog to hug, or know someone you want to share a little happiness with…bake any of these treats and make this Thursday a little sweeter.


Raspberry jam filled, melt-in-your mouth Linzer Cookies will surely put a smile on anyone’s face this Valentine’s Day. Continue reading