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“Oh My Gosh!” — Cinnamon Swirl Allspice Crumb Topped Muffins

I know…many of you make fun of my very long titles. They’re my trademark, what can I say?  This weekend was a Crazy in the Kitchen weekend.  Do you have those?  Are there days you just can’t get yourself out of the kitchen no matter how hard you try or don’t try? Does your kitchen suffer with battle wounds like mine does in every nook and cranny?

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Imperfection and a Black and White Cake

I am afraid I have not been totally honest with you, my faithful readers.  I look back on many posts and see things that have literally been sugar coated; made pretty for the camera, better than they truly appear in my kitchen.  This cake slice is a perfect example.

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Easter Cut-Out Cookies and a McCormick Give Away!

The giveaway is closed.

Hello Friends,

You have officially been invited to my Easter cookie decorating party happening today on Sweet and Crumby.  This is a virtual decorating party, so please use your imagination and jump right in.

Do  you want a chick, an egg or a bunny to decorate? I have plenty as you can see.  I also have a plethora of gorgeous, bright colors thanks to the nice people from McCormick who asked me if I wanted to host a give away. So I actually have real, live and in-the-house party favors for two readers of Sweet and Crumby! Continue reading


An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away—Caramel Apple Bars

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough.  Everyone and their mother (literally) is sick at my house.  Do I  sense a sniffle or two coming from your direction as well?  I, doctor of nothing, prescribe to you a healthy dose of apples, topped with caramel, tucked inside sweet and tender, slightly salty crumbles.

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A Whopper of a Cake

I know, those of you who have been faithful followers since way back in the day (July) have seen it, been there, done that, but it seems I have alot of new followers and since I haven’t been baking this weekend, I will share this crazy delicious Devil’s Food cake with malted frosting.

This creamy, malted, chocolatey cake is as it implies…it is a whopper of a cake.

It’s everything a cake should be. First and foremost,
for it to be ALL THAT, it MUST BE chocolate

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