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April Fool’s Faux Fries and A Chocolate Chipped, Orange Zested Pound Cake Ticket to Crazy Place

Hi All,

Since April Fool’s Day is around the corner, I thought I would repost this since it is a doozy, tastes YUM and will definitely fool anyone you serve them to. Make sure to stop by your local fast food joint and ask if you can take one of the little ketchup cups when you buy a soda or something, it really helps with the whole look of the fake fries. Happy fooling! —Love, Geni

I can’t do anything normally, the obvious way, the “exactly according to the recipe” way.  Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t.  Today it worked; really, really worked.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  I am a fool for April Fool’s Day. We celebrate big time over here and we even have had an April Fool’s Day birthday party since my daughter, Zoie,  was born in early April (Sorry Grace, I believe you were the one who had the first piece of the mashed potato frosted meatloaf birthday “cake”). Continue reading


Hunker Down and Make Pancakes! {Pineapple Pancakes and Cinnamon Chocolate Chip GF Pancakes}

Sunday was one of those mornings when you roll out of bed and are sure you never want to leave the house; just hunker down, stay warm and be an observer to the blustery, wet and windy day that is continuing out the windows.

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Mom’s Banana French Toast and Kids “These Days”

Slow down. Has life been more than amped up lately? Are you running late wherever you go or are you being pulled in a hundred different directions? I hear ya. You are preaching to the choir. But one day soon, Saturday perhaps, you should just slow down and make this Banana French Toast. Or better yet, if you have kids, surprise them and set it out on the table on a SCHOOL DAY!

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Luscious Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and Lemon Butter Cream Frosting

If you have been dreaming of soft, pillowy clouds and bright beautiful lemons dancing on them, then this IS the cake for you. Maybe you are not strange and you don’t dream of lemons dancing on clouds…but that’s OK…we can still be friends. Just make this cake.

I have never in my life taken a bite of a softer cake. I almost felt like a little halo was surrounding this cake because I imagine that if angels eat cakes, they would eat this.

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Baileys Buttercream and a Dark Chocolate Incognito Cupcake{Gluten Free}

These devastatingly delicious, over-the-top, dark chocolate cupcakes with get yourself drunk Baileys Buttercream are GLUTEN FREE! Who knew GF could be fabulous?!  I have also included my very best all-purpose flour dark chocolate cupcakes as well so it’s win win all over S&C (if you missed the last post, I have recently converted to referring to my blog as S&C because, like J.Lo, I am too cool to spell out my name…or I’m just that lazy…hmmm).

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Happy National Pi(e) Day!

Are you a Food Blogger in the Los Angeles area (or OC, or SFV)? Then please join us for the 2012 Food Bloggers Bake Sale on April 28th to fight Childhood Hunger. We need more participants (i.e. baked goods), more publicity and lots of bake sale shoppers for Share Our Strength. Simply go to damndelicious.tumblr.com to sign up. Where’s it at? BLD Restaurant, Los Angeles When? Sat., 4/28 from 11:30am-2:00pm 

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Flash Back to the Eighties Inside-Out Ding Dong Cake

Just for the record, I think this dark, devilish and creamy cake is what you might imagine a Ding Dong would be if you were in heaven; if it were actually made for YOU by Dorie Greenspan and if it were made with Chuao Chocolate and served to you within hours of it coming out of the oven.  That is how my family enjoyed this crazy, amazingly soft, chocolaty, cream-filled and frosted cake (minus the Dorie Greenspan part—ah well).

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Accidental Toughness

This is not a baking post. Sorry. Move along to my Blogroll if you need a good baking fix or just check my recipe file above. It’s impressive. But then again, that’s my own opinion and I have a fairly healthy dose of self-esteem—apparently so does my son. That’s him there…he’s a bit of a nut job on a good day (both my husband and I are definitely to blame for this).

That's him in his morph suit. He got it for his birthday, by request.

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Baileys Chocolate Devastation Cookies

Who needs therapy when you have a bottle of Baileys, some Dagoba cocoa powder, a beautiful stainless steel Kitchen Aid and a little time to kill? Well, in all honesty, I had NO TIME to kill; infact I was trying to get kids ready for school, pack lunches and get myself ready for work. But that’s neither here nor there.

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To Beet or Not to Beet, That IS the Question {Grilled Beet Pizza with Blue Cheese and Pine Nuts}

So, beets… are you in or out?

If you’re in, then you have my permission to skip to the asterisk. Beet hater? Tsk, tsk, tsk…that’s soooo yesterday. Haven’t you heard? Beets are the new carrot, the bees knees, the whole ball of wax and the top banana.

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