Sweet And Crumby

Baking, a Love Story


A Bundt that is Sunny Side Up

Isn’t it cheerful? What could be sunnier than a beautiful pumpkin citrus bundt cake with juicy little Mandarin Oranges garnishing the top? Even the name “bundt” is cheerful. Say it a few times in a row…did you crack a smile? I thought so.

You may think that this pumpkin and spice laden bundt should be baked in the fall where it would fit right in with the other flavors of the season, however, I could not pass up the opportunity to use a HOME GROWN PUMPKIN from my mother’s bountiful garden. Continue reading


A Whopper of a Cake

This creamy, malted, chocolatey cake is as it implies…it is a whopper of a cake.

It’s everything a cake should be. First and foremost,
for it to be ALL THAT, it MUST BE chocolate

So for all of you out there trying to tell me that there are some outrageous vanilla, fruit or other flavored cakes that are on par with chocolate, you may as well check out now. We weren’t really meant to be friends. It was a rather short relationship anyways so there’s no hard feelings on my part.  Feel free to move along to the next blog on your to do list…one that does not have a chocolate crazed maniac as its author. Continue reading


Can A Muffin Be Lost in Translation?

Can a muffin be lost in translation? This is what I want to know.  You see, my food is my language.  It is my way of communicating my thoughts and emotions which are otherwise indescribable.   I’m not sure anyone else can understand my food language exactly the way it is intended, but I am convinced that it is a language all the same.  It conveys my heart, my soul and my mind.  Isn’t that a language?

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Cover Girl Beet Salad

It’s gorgeous isn’t it?  Sorry, I usually am not so disgustingly transparent with my bragging rights, but this salad deserves to be on the cover of any magazine.  And to think, this is just the second string version of my original salad I made for my book club last Friday night.  That one was the real stunner because the golden and purple beets both were in abundance on the original version.

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Aloooo-HA Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes

Stacks of golden pancakes glistening with the carmelized sugar of the pineapple chunks, dripping with buttery rum coconut syrup and a mug of hot Kona coffee on the breakfast table…this is my idea of Hawaii being invited to my Sunday morning brunch.  These pancakes are the epitome of taking a sweet and tropical bite out of life and seriously taste very much like their dessert counterpart, the pineapple upside down cake. Continue reading


Sip, then Dip the Ladies Tiramisu

Yes, my mind has left the building(that’s nothing new), but no, I am not high on anything but life and just perhaps a teensy bit of Kahlua in my coffee.  This summery no-bake, no–cook Tiramisu is my way of sticking my tongue out at the sit-in being staged by my oven and stove at the moment.  Are you having that problem too….is there a nationwide sit-in going on?! I’m sorry…I think it may have started at my house. I’ve not been very kind to either one of them lately since I have started this baking blog.  We are currently in negotiations.  Continue reading


Have Fun Making Whoopies!

Whoopie pies actually have a short but sweet history at my house.  I am not from the East Coast where they are a well loved traditional treat, nor did my grandmother make them from an old family recipe.  I had never even heard of them until a few years ago when I saw my first whoopie pie on Unwrapped, via the Food Network, and was mesmerized.  How could you not be glued to the tube when your chocolate cookie fantasy was right before your eyes?! Continue reading


Battle Winning Lemon Meringue Pie

The battle is over.  I am victorious in the pie category of life.  There’s a pie category, right?  I’ve really been rallying for one because I’m in for the whole hog, the entire kit and kaboodle and everything but the kitchen sink.  I used to be a pie loser…really.  My crusts were tough and chewy, my meringues flopped, my gelled pies de-gelled or ran willy nilly all over my plate and such.  I honestly think years went by, and I really never attained a decent apple or lemon meringue pie. How sad, considering these seem to be the pocket aces of any red blooded American’s baking hand. Continue reading


Red Velvet Fourth of July Pancakes

If you have ever taken your kids to Disneyland, braved the swarms of people and the sun and waited in line an hour for each and every ride, then you can imagine what being at a gourmet food catering truck “carnival” is like.  I first had the pleasure of tasting Red Velvet pancakes when Street Feast took over the Americana shopping center, and I got to sample my daughter’s bounty from the Buttermilk Truck.  I had never heard of Red Velvet pancakes before, but I had always been a fan of a scrumptious Red Velvet cupcake so I was more than eager to test these.

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SweetAndCrumby Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Did the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, ever suggest making and bringing them warm banana bread?  No?  Big mistake.   There has been many an occasion over here in which my tried and true chocolate chip banana bread has helped smooth ruffled feathers, sweeten the crabbiest of teachers or carry through the sincerity of an apology.  I just don’t think you can beat the sentiments of a warm, chocolatey, tender and sweet loaf of banana bread.   If you are currently at odds with a spouse, a child or a crazy ill-mannered teenager who has taken up residence at your house, you must make this banana bread and deliver it immediately.  You will be amazed at its effects.

A loaf of banana bread is like a great big, warm and cuddly hug from a toddler or a sloppy kiss from your dog.  It doesn’t have anything to do with  show-offy-ness that fancy cupcakes or other uptight gorgeous goodies can exude.  It has the “I’m trustworthy,” edge and the “You can count on me in a pinch,” mentality.

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