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Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies—My Kind of Comfort Food

I need comfort food.  Now. Tout de suite! What says comfort food better than the beautiful marriage of chocolate and peanut butter in a nice hefty, rich brownie?!

I just dropped my son off at the airport, and he is going to visit his cousins in another state.  He’s sixteen; he’s old enough to travel alone, but am I going to survive the agony of the next four hours waiting for his text to tell me that he has arrived safe and sound? Continue reading


These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts…

I have found some delicious looking holiday treats around the blogosphere and am so excited to share them with you here.  I have a crazy obsession with the Sound of Music so please try to sing along  if you wouldn’t mind.

Rich Winter Fudge Cake looks simply delicious
Make your own Truffles, then share them with us
Peppermint Whoopies tied up in strings
These are a few of my favorite postings.

Decadent Marzipan in Almond Streudel
Toasty Bruschetta and Ricotta with Noodles
Chocolate Eclairs with creamy  filling
These are a few of my favorite postings.

Reindogs with antlers, that is too funny
Figs stuffed with cream cheese then drizzled with honey
Champagne spiked cupcakes for New Year’s toastings
These are a few of my favorite postings.

When the pie burns,
When souffles flop,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite postings, and then I don’t feel so bad!

Merry Christmas to all with hopes that you enjoy all the delicious foods that the holidays have to offer!  Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to enjoy all the food of the season.  Help us fight childhood hunger through Share Our Strength.  Click the link on the Share our Strength badge to help.


Take a Coffee Break with Some Finnish Ribbon Cookies

Finnish Ribbon Cookies are dainty little butter cookies that get filled with gourmet jams and drizzled with a citrus-y glaze.   These are the perfect pretty little bites to have on your plate with your tea or coffee, and I have never met a soul that could stop at eating just one.

If you are in a baking frenzy right about now, like I was last night, and need one more petite addition to complete your gifts of goodies, try this one. The dough preparation is like any other butter cookie. Continue reading


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow —Peppermint Death by Chocolate Cookies

These cookies will absolutely rock your holiday lovin’ world.  They are lightly crisp, triple hitting chocolate decadence AND…and this is a big AND…they have natural peppermint added to the batter and lovely candy cane dust on top.  You will not be disappointed.  In fact, you will love me for these!

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We Have to Interrupt this Gingerbread Doughnut Post With a Surprise Tongue Appearance

O.K. friends, these soft and spicy gingerbread doughnuts are honestly one of the best things I have ever created.  Did you catch that?!!!  I created this doughnut recipe!!!  I am very excited about this fact. Can you tell?  The number of exclamation points are exponentially related to how excited I am.

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An Orange and Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown—With Myself!

I am a lucky, lucky girl.  I get my organic CSA produce box delivered with a little something sweet tucked in on top of all the fruits and veggies. Auntie Em’s produce delivery is run by local chef extraordinaire, Theresa Wahl of Bobby Flay Throwdown cupcake fame (her Red Velvets beat him out).

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Ginger—Three Ways in Three Days

Remember Ginger from Gilligan’s Island?  The hot, spicy redheaded vixen?  Well, I do believe she was aptly named because ginger is all that and more.  After all ginger is spicy, daring, and adds life to any dish.

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