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Have Fun Making Whoopies!

Whoopie pies actually have a short but sweet history at my house.  I am not from the East Coast where they are a well loved traditional treat, nor did my grandmother make them from an old family recipe.  I had never even heard of them until a few years ago when I saw my first whoopie pie on Unwrapped, via the Food Network, and was mesmerized.  How could you not be glued to the tube when your chocolate cookie fantasy was right before your eyes?! Continue reading


A Personal “Thank You” Note and Apple Custard Cupcakes

A Thank You note to my daughter, Zoie:

Dear Zoie,
Thank you for being such a great daughter and thank you for these amazing apple custard cupcakes that you made to celebrate Dad and my anniversary.

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An Apricot and Chocolate Chip Toast to Twenty Years!

We just celebrated our twenty year anniversary.  This soft but sturdy loaf of apricot and chocolate chip delightfulness was made to start our day as a sweet toast to our marriage.  It’s a perfect summery change from banana bread and does not knock you out with sweetness.

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Creamy, Dreamy Mango Flan and History Making Latin Inspired Caesar Salad Dressing

It’s been awhile since I posted.  That happens.  Life happens. This flan is yum…especially with Kahlua generously poured over the top and finished with a dollop of whipped cream.  I have to warn you though, while the texture is perfection and the flavor creamy and sweet, I really didn’t taste the mango. Just thought I’d share that and be totally honest here.

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Sip, then Dip the Ladies Tiramisu

Yes, my mind has left the building(that’s nothing new), but no, I am not high on anything but life and just perhaps a teensy bit of Kahlua in my coffee.  This summery no-bake, no–cook Tiramisu is my way of sticking my tongue out at the sit-in being staged by my oven and stove at the moment.  Are you having that problem too….is there a nationwide sit-in going on?! I’m sorry…I think it may have started at my house. I’ve not been very kind to either one of them lately since I have started this baking blog.  We are currently in negotiations.  Continue reading


My Fourth of July Round Up…Recipes and Chefs to Inspire the Perfect Celebration

Hi All,

I have been L-A-Z-Y lately in the baking department because life just has other ideas than seeing me happily chirp away in my kitchen.  So I have decided to share my ideal Fourth-Of-July Menu from the the Blogosphere. I have rudely stolen these photos from each one’s blog so I hope that’s OK folks. Have a great weekend!

Crazily, and not humbly, I would start the holiday with my own Red Velvet Pancakes.  No one who is a regular follower is surprised that I would choose my OWN recipe…I am not exactly the type who shyly and sweetly stands in the background with my baked goods.

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