Sweet And Crumby

Baking, a Love Story


Scary Treats for a Scary Feast

As Halloween fast approaches, it’s time to break out the uber scary treats to fright and delight your guests.

To warm up your goblins before their adventure, you may want to serve some Grilled Cheese Fangs dipped in Blood-Red Heirloom Tomato soup.

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A Sweet Escape {Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Snap w/Bourbon Parfaits}

Escapism. Everyone needs it now and then. A time and place to let go of what’s on your mind and just be in the moment. For a lot of people, it’s running…that feeling of being “in the zone”, for others it’s a hot bath and wine.  For me it’s baking. And when Friday rolled around, I knew I needed to get cooking so I broke out a can of  pumpkin puree and began my escape.

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Ham and Cheese Waffles {AKA the One Cup o’ Butter Wonder Waffles}

Being yourself. When does one remember getting to be fully themselves as a teenager, without any concern for status or appearances? But when my daughter, Zoie and her cousins, Lindsey and Emme are together, that is what they get to be…themselves. When I am around them, I feel happier like life is how it should be; with endless chatter, giggles and complete and utter honesty. It’s quite beautiful.

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A Retro Salad Re-do {80’s Style Asian Inspired Shrimp Salad with Soy and Citrus Vinaigrette}

I remember distinctly when the “Chinese” Chicken Salad was on every cool menu in So. Cal. back in the day. “Lunching at Bullock’s Tea Room?…you must order their famous Chinese Chicken salad!”, friends would tell you. It even made it to the Los Angeles Times’ recipe section so that you, too, could have their “secret” recipe.

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