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Pumpkin Angst and Pumpkin Envy

Once again I am being tormented by my mother’s homegrown pumpkins.  What? Have you never been tormented by a pumpkin?  It’s a rather common occurrence over here.  I know you and I have had this conversation before.

The scenario is always the same…a beautiful bright orange pumpkin has been bestowed upon me from my mother’s overflowing garden, and it sits on my counter waiting, waiting, more waiting —until the decision has been made and the perfect use of this pumpkin comes to me like a vision. Continue reading


Battling the Whoppers and Why Cookies and Milk Will Never Be the Same

I feel I must start with a warning when introducing these chewy, melt-in-your mouth, Chocolate Malt Ball Cookies…consider the dangers of trying to rough chop two cups of Whoppers (round malted milk ball candies) as they roll away beneath the blade of a big butcher’s knife.

Please don’t think emergency room type of carnage.  It was more subtle than that.

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A Spicy Apple Cake Gets Soused

Hi All, this is a re-post from last September, but it’s so fall-ish, so spicy and apple-y, I just HAD to play it again.  Just like an old favorite movie you could watch 100 times, this cake is THAT kind of cake…

How could something NOT CHOCOLATE be this delicious? It has taken absolutely every ounce of strength I have NOT to lick my fingers when frosting this cake. It is a decadent creamy, caramel icing, and the cake itself is soft, rich and full of the spices of fall.

I am such a devout chocoholic that I actually get a bit irked when someone says that chocolate just isn’t their “thing”.  I don’t want any part of their thing if that is the case…but that sounds wrong doesn’t it? Continue reading


A Simple and Brilliant Concept to Help Fight Hunger in East Africa

When I went to Simply Life’s blog today, I was captured by the photos and story of Sarah Lenssen who has started an organization called Ask5for5. It is such a simple concept to help raise money to feed children in East Africa; Ask 5 friends to donate $5 and email their friends to do the same. So simple, you think it might not have a big enough impact, and YET Ask5for5 has raised over $25,000 in a little over a month! That’s incredible! Please read her guest post and see if you can help with this cause.

Sarah believes the response to a crisis must be equal (if not greater) than the size and scope of it. So she is aiming to raise $40,000. This can be done. Giving $5, and getting just 5 of our friends to give $5. And each of their friends can contribute. Indeed, we can help relieve extreme hunger! Continue reading


My Spider Mite Sanctuary and Incredible Starbuck’s-esque Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

I know, I am supposed to be waiting for October to showcase my pumpkin recipes—that’s sort of an unspoken rule.  Yes, I realize that summer barely has ended, but I am not very good at delaying gratification. So much for “good things come to those who wait”, because these muffins are oh so good and I did NOT wait until October.

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Therapeutic Sweet Potato Soup

Sit down, which I assume you are if you are reading this post.  Take a deep breath, and tell me what’s been troubling you.  Too long a list perhaps?  Has your boss, spouse, kids, roommate, efriend got you down? Have your shoes and whole wardrobe, for that matter, reached their expiration date?  Completely out of ideas for your next blog post?

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Confessions of a Chocolate Snob and A Memorable Chocolate Souffle Cake

I have one friend who likes to tease me because I am such a chocolate snob. I won’t eat Hershey’s. Sorry Hershey. Your taste, texture and overall lack luster appearance just doesn’t do it for me.  What my friend doesn’t realize is that I wear the ridicule like a badge of honor; like a brash wine or cigar snob.

I can walk by our office jar of grocery store chocolates like it’s no big deal, like I am just THAT GIRL who prefers healthier fare, craves wheat grass and avoids sugar like the plague. Continue reading


Exotic Plum and Coconut Muffins for a Very Sophisticated Golden Retriever

“What’s for breakfast?” my sixteen-year-old, superglued to his computer, asks.

“Oh, I think I’ll make muffins,” I reply.

“What kiiiind of muffins?” he mumbles, not looking up for a second.

“It’s a surprise,” I say (aka – If I told you, you may not eat them). Continue reading


I’ve Been Tagged!

Faith, from Edible Mosaic and Andrea of From the Bookshelf , both wonderful and interesting ladies, have tagged me in the Seven Links blog tag that has been hopping around the internet. I know…I have been tagged before for those of you scratching your head and thinking to yourself, “I thought I tagged her…”.  For those, I am sorry that I am not mentioning you here because I truly don’t remember which of you nice bloggers who tagged me. But I have finally decided to stop being such a party pooper and jump in with both feet.  So here they are folks, the seven posts I have chosen for infamy. I have started with a sweet pic of my pup just because I wanted to.

Sadie wanted to make an appearance...so here she is.

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