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Baking, a Love Story


Some Things Are Better Upside-Down {Skillet Baked Apricot Upside-Down Cake}

Summer is absolutely at its best when everything is a little upside-down. Kids, if they are lucky, are lazily staggering up at 10:00am instead of rushing off to school, moms have a few weights removed from their shoulders and stacked carefully to the side for a later date, and sometimes, dessert is served at the beginning of the day and renamed Apricot Coffee Cake, just because.

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A Little Tipsy Cherry Chocolate Brownies {Low-Cal/Low-Fat …ish}

I was more than honored that Raymund from Ang Sarap asked me to guest post on his blog. If you haven’t met Raymund or his tantalizing array of food, then you have sadly missed out. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to make to feature on his blog, but I finally landed on these Cherry Chocolate Brownies with bit of Brandy. They are lower in calories and fat than your typical brownies but still crazy rich and chocolatey and they definitely have an added zing from the brandy. And like any good brandy, these sweet treats actually get better with age. Let them sit in their gooey splendor, brandy adequately getting to permeate throughout it, and you will be one very happy camper.

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Surprises {A Summery Salad with Lemon Tarragon Vinaigrette}

This peppery and lemon doused spinach and arugula salad was the ultimate pairing to my daughter’s graduation celebration dinner of rich mornay topped seafood crepes. It was filled with sweet English peas and dried blueberries, and was given a nice crunch from the toasted pine nuts and barely blanched green beans.  For a final layer of flavor, I chopped up some fresh tarragon and made a tarragon lemon vinaigrette. It was the perfect refreshing bite to counter the sultry, salty and cheesy bites of crepe.

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A Graduation Dinner Featuring Seafood Crepes in Mornay Sauce

Eleven people for a sit down dinner. To some, that might seem like a lot, but for our family, who meets every Sunday at my parents’ house, it’s just “Sunday Dinner”.  My mom can carry off this dinner like a pro. She usually goes crazy each and every Sunday with homemade brioche or focaccia, roasted meats, fresh from the garden lettuces and vegetables and always a drool-worthy dessert.

This last Sunday was my turn to host. It was to be a graduation celebration for my daughter, Zoie, and my niece, Lindsey. In true celebratory fashion around here, they got to choose the dinner and dessert. They chose seafood crepes. Can you tell they are both avid foodies? They fit right in with my family of crazed foodie lunatics. Continue reading