Sweet And Crumby

Baking, a Love Story


Easy Peasy Cream Puffs

If you’re anything like me, you are taking a look at these pretty little cream puffs and thinking, “Yum, but way too much work.” The truth is you were half correct in your thinking. They are definitely yum but they are actually fairly easy, with a very short list of ingredients that you likely have in the house.


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Balsamic Dark Cherry Sauce Over Fallen Chocolate Cake

A Sweet and Crumby Instant Replay because sometimes Life happens.

Have you ever fallen…

crazily in love?

down, way down, with no glimpse of the sky?

literally, into a mud puddle, or down a flight of stairs or simply between the cracks?…

This devastatingly rich, chocolate cake, too, has fallen, but it was designed to fall. Cakes are one of those few things that can be meant to fall.  Unlike people, this cake falls perfectly into a rich and soulful plate of splendor. Continue reading