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Life’s Rough? Let’s Throw Some Salad At It {Stone Fruit and Arugula Summer Salad}

This grilled plum, peach and pluot salad atop peppery arugula, dotted with crumbles of fig goat cheese, sprinkled with toasted pepitas, sauteed pancetta and chopped prosciutto, was exactly what the doctor ordered so to speak. Now, that’s a mouthful, figuratively and literally my friends. It was dreamy.

Food, it’s what I throw at every problem. And no, not as in, “Duck! A tomato is coming your way!”, but as in, “Here’s a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies to heal what’s ailing you.” For the most part, my kids are pretty happy with this first line of defense. I can’t tell you the number of chocolate chip cookies we have eaten while listening to the woes of the first days of school or while studying for exams. Continue reading


Tastes Great! Less Filling! {Orange Curd and Bittersweet Chocolate Tart}

I have to warn you…this is going to be a strange post. Let’s start with the important part so when I lose you, and I will lose you, you will have already gotten what you came for—this earth shattering, stop-the-world-from-spinning orange curd tart with a layer of bittersweet chocolate tucked underneath and a light and flaky crust to drive it home. Yeah, it is summer perfection; tart and cool when served with a little crunch of that chocolaty goodness.

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Grilled Sweet Potato and Shrimp Napa Cabbage Salad with Tangy Lime Vinaigrette

It’s totally the dog days of summer. Just about everywhere you look, except London perhaps, is suffering from oven abolishing heat—at least here in the states…and definitely here in sunny, sweltering So. Cal. It is supposed to reach 106 today. Expletives come to mind. I won’t share those with you—today.

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