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British Inspired Jam Scones and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Typical Saturday morning at my house: Five a.m. rolls around, and my eyes slowly open up to glance casually at the clock. BIG MISTAKE! Once my eyelids move, my Golden Retriever, Sadie, trots over to my side and sits down, waiting to be petted or scratched. If I don’t acquiesce quickly enough, she begins scratching herself or biting at a paw and jingling her maniacal collar until am I forced to pet her, hoping it will quiet her down. Continue reading


Comfort Food and an Untimely Batch of Hamantaschen

Comfort food. Isn’t that what we all need right now? There are no words that can possibly express my sorrow for those who are suffering the loss of the shootings in Colorado. It’s heart wrenching, gut wrenching and mind boggling. There’s no sense to make of it and makes us question so much. And it makes this helicopter mom want to hover and dictate her childrens’ lives that much more even though I know logically that does not work.

So instead, I usually bake or eat, or both.  What is comfort food for you? Is it something elaborate your grandmother used to cook that would stew for hours while you sat in her kitchen, or is it something as easy as a grilled cheese sandwich with the peel and stick Kraft slices you made in your dorm room with an iron and a flat surface? I guess comfort food depends on your culture, how you were raised and what truly soothes your soul. Continue reading


Love Me and Hate Me Tomato Jam and Cheddar Chive Biscuits

You WILL love me for this post. I guarantee it. But, will you also hate me? That I am not sure but I certainly hope not. The problem is that this tomato jam and these cheddar biscuits are glorious and once you make them, you may crave them every day for a very long time.

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A Counterfeit Tiramisu—No Cooking Involved—For those Scorching Summer Days

Hi All,

I need some help out there from some tech-savvy bloggers. My blog has recently been copied (about 50 posts in total) at another location. I have contacted the host, Siteground.com, and they want a slew of personal information from me that I am not willing to give in order to take down the fake site. Any ideas out there? It infuriates me that this fake site is selling ad space which notice that I don’t. Any ideas how to get it down? Even my pics have been pinned from this site and lead there!

Thank you!

I am currently going on a little trip so I have left you all with a re-post of this very appropos “no bake” Tiramisu.

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Thank You for the Bread Crumbs {A Lemon-Cornmeal and Thyme Pound Cake}

Bread crumbs, dotted along my path, stopping here at Sweet and Crumby along the way and trailing forward, around a bend I cannot see the end to. Thank you for leaving them for me. After all, no matter how much I cook, bake, write, photograph or click “publish”, none of it would really matter that much if you weren’t here reading, commenting and writing your own blogs which essentially have led me through this process of blogging.

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Banana Cookies, Happy Hands and Loose Lips

As usual, I am inspired by what is rotting on my counter. That sounds delicious, doesn’t it? But in the throws of summer, fruit seems to go from unripe to soft and mushy in a millisecond. I just bought my bunch of bananas two days ago, and by this afternoon they were looking brown and soft and needing to be loved immediately as in tout de suite! Sweet, soft and chewy banana chocolate chip cookies would be the ultimate way to honor my withering bananas.

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Fourth of July Round-Up

Cuz I have been in the lazy groove of summer and living life large a little too much lately, I don’t have a new post for the Fourth of July holiday but I do have some tried and true faves and I also have seen some pretty snazzy stuff around the blogosphere. So enjoy…and have a wonderful, tasty and SAFE Fourth. BTW…all the gorgeous photos you see below are stolen from the blogs mentioned and linked to in this post.

How about starting the day with my Red Velvet Pancakes and cream cheese dipping sauce (that’s breakfast code for frosting). These would surely wake up the family and begin the celebration on the right foot.

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