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Chocolate Spiderweb Cookies and a Halloween Hot Cocoa Bar

Here is something yummy and spooky for your Halloween table….soft yet slightly crispy chocolate spider web cookies. What could be more fun to serve your little guests after a cold night of trick-or-treating than a hot cocoa bar complete with chocolate spiderweb cookies, chocolate dipped Oreos, ghost-shaped Peep marshmallows and homemade chocolate spiders?

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Legendary Pumpkin Bread Pudding and My Favorite Gongoozler

First of all, you are probably now asking yourself two things…1)What makes THIS pumpkin bread pudding so extraordinary?and 2) What the HECK is a gongoozler? I will proceed to explain both if you are patient.

Oh how I wish I could transport that nice little casserole dish to you so you could slowly chew the spongy, luscious pumpkin bread pudding permeated with ginger and cinnamon-y goodness.   I would even pour you a cup of coffee while I state my case.  Then my case would be self-evident, and you and I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Continue reading


Pumpkin = Chocolate = This Post has been Blog-jacked

If you are afraid to try something new with pumpkin for the sheer and utter fear that you will soon be addicted to yet one more pumpkin recipe, then run now, while you still can.  This recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies might totally take the cake, may be the big pumpkin Kahuna, and will in one bite convince you that perhaps pumpkin is the new chocolate!

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Fluffy, the Tarantula, and one Not-So-Scary Bundt Cake

I absolutely adore Halloween.  The next few posts will be devoted to my creatively borrowed ideas from all sorts of places for Halloween treats and fare, and this particular post is dedicated in “loving” memory of our pet tarantula, Fluffy.

“WHO has a pet tarantula?!!!”, you ask yourself.  Am I right?  Well, it didn’t happen on purpose, I can tell you that, and technically she ended up being my husband’s pet tarantula since he kept her at work per my not-so-gentle request. Continue reading


Therapeutic Sweet Potato Soup

Sit down, which I assume you are if you are reading this post.  Take a deep breath, and tell me what’s been troubling you.  Too long a list perhaps?  Has your boss, spouse, kids, roommate, efriend got you down? Have your shoes and whole wardrobe, for that matter, reached their expiration date?  Completely out of ideas for your next blog post?

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All For One and One for All – Three Musketeers Birthday Cupcakes

My son requested a Three Musketeers’ flavored birthday cake for his family birthday dinner tonight. He’s turning sixteen this week…that is absolutely one of the craziest things I have heard in awhile.

Where has the time gone? Most of us find ourselves saying that now and again, especially as we watch our children grow. That is the running theme in my head like a song that is stuck playing over and over again. Tears almost trickle down, but yet I am happy. Everything is good. Really good.

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