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The Hot Cocoa Cake and the Girl Who Cured My Fear of Marshmallows

O.K. if you need a superstar of a cake to bring somewhere, and you want lavish praise and adulation, this one is IT.  It is named the Hot Chocolate Cake and is from Fine Cooking Magazine.  The crazy thing is this cake actually does remind me of the world’s best homemade decadent cup of hot cocoa.

This particular issue of Fine Cooking has been sitting on my nightstand, taunting me for months.  Why I haven’t made it until now were those homemade marshmallows you see there.  YES, those are homemade marshmallows…do I need to say that again for effect…HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS!!!! They frightened me.

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Finger Dipping Good Pistachio Dressing and the Salad Who Wore It

This pistachio salad dressing on top of that lovely salad you see there is– put your finger on your plate and dip it in the leftover puddles– good!

I absolutely swear I have never ever said this about any salad or salad dressing in the world.  Honestly.  No fingers are crossed and my right hand is over my heart.  I am also a Girl Scout leader so you can trust me 100%. Continue reading


If Han Solo Were a Doughnut…

I woke up this morning with one clear thought, “I MUST make doughnuts.” And if you are going to bother with the the huge vat of oil, wait for the dough to rise and eat a ginormous amount of calories, then you may as well jump in with both feet and make Maple Glazed Doughnuts topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon crumbles.  Don’t you agree?

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It’s Raining Pumpkins, Spider Mites and Muffins—Oh My!

I had it all planned out since the inception of my blog.  October was going to be PUMPKIN MONTH. A pumpkin recipe a day week for those people, like me, who are pumpkin obsessed maniacs.  But like most other things, life had its own mission and I am simply a passenger hanging on with a fierce grip, a half smile and a determination to go where it takes me.

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A Spicy Apple Cake Gets Soused

How could something NOT CHOCOLATE be this delicious? It has taken absolutely every ounce of strength I have NOT to lick my fingers when frosting this cake. It is a decadent creamy, caramel icing, and the cake itself is soft, rich and full of the spices of fall.

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Pumpkin Angst and Pumpkin Envy

Once again I am being tormented by my mother’s homegrown pumpkins.  What? Have you never been tormented by a pumpkin?  It’s a rather common occurrence over here.  I know you and I have had this conversation before.

The scenario is always the same…a beautiful bright orange pumpkin has been bestowed upon me from my mother’s overflowing garden, and it sits on my counter waiting, waiting, more waiting —until the decision has been made and the perfect use of this pumpkin comes to me like a vision. Continue reading


Fluffy Cranberry and Jam Scones with Cucumber Sandwiches

Typical Saturday morning at my house: Five a.m. rolls around, and my eyes slowly open up to glance casually at the clock. BIG MISTAKE! Once my eyelids move, my Golden Retriever, Sadie, trots over to my side and sits down, waiting to be petted or scratched. If I don’t acquiesce quickly enough, she begins scratching herself or biting at a paw and jingling her maniacal collar until am I forced to pet her, hoping it will quiet her down.

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Banana Cookies, Happy Hands and Loose Lips

As usual, I am inspired by what is rotting on my counter.  That sounds delicious, doesn’t it?  But in the throes of summer, fruit seems to go from unripe to soft and mushy in a millisecond.  I just bought my bunch of bananas two days ago, and by this afternoon they were looking brown and soft and needing to be loved immediately as in tout de suite!  Sweet, soft and chewy banana chocolate chip cookies would be the ultimate way to honor my withering bananas.

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