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Three Girls, Two Mochi Cakes and One World Thinking Day

This modern day Mochi cake is a chewy, coconut flavored Japanese pastry that was introduced to me by my niece, Lindsey, a budding chef and possibly my numero uno commentor on this site.  She is enamored with Japanese culture; She brings a Bento box lunch to school, reads stacks of Manga, bakes Japanese pastries and the list goes on.  She is not Japanese.  Her mother is actually from Vietnam and her father is from the United States.

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TGIF Peanut Butter Blondies

Sometimes Fridays come in the nick of time, like a life raft, just when you think you don’t have any more in you.  Finally, there it is like a perky invitation to your weekend; a weekend that surely (God willing) will be better than the week before it. These peanut butter chocolate chip blondies are my celebration toast to Fridays.

Skip the champagne and any other hoopla, just give me a big, fat rich peanut butter cookie bar decked out with my favorite darkest chocolate chips (Ghirardelli) and I am ready to get this party started.

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Jealousy and a Fully Booked Tomato Tart

Yes, this is a re-post, but it drove me crazy this morning to wake-up to my blog which was seeming to be blinking “VALENTINE’S DAY” in neon lights.   Since I was a good wife on Valentine’s night and made an elaborate dinner while leaving my camera locked up in its bag, I have no photos and no new post.  So I have chosen one of my all-time favorite, easy peasy go-to recipes which you will thank me for if you get a chance to make it.  Those of you who are my old faithful followers and have been here seen it, I will have a new recipe up soon. I hope.

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Mini Raspberry Linzer Cookies for Dough-Nibbling Bakers

These delicate, raspberry or Nutella filled mini Linzer cookies are rich and buttery, just slightly crispy and have so few ingredients, you are guaranteed to have them on hand. This recipe is from the Barefoot Contessa and requires NO EGGS which concerned me at the get-go, but after tasting them, I was sold and so was my Girl Scout Troop as they nibbled inhaled the raw cookie dough sans salmonella.

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Flash Back to the Eighties Inside-Out Ding Dong Cake

Just for the record, I think this dark, devilish and creamy cake is what you might imagine a Ding Dong would be if you were in heaven; if it were actually made for YOU by Dorie Greenspan and if it were made with Chuao Chocolate and served to you within hours of it coming out of the oven.  That is how my family enjoyed this crazy, amazingly soft, chocolaty, cream-filled and frosted cake (minus the Dorie Greenspan part—ah well).

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Start Valentine’s Day on a High Note With Red Velvet Pancakes

Can you think of a better way to start your Valentine’s Day morning than with rich, soft, chocolaty Red Velvet Pancakes?!  I can’t either.  They even get served with a luscious, cream cheese dipping sauce.  Pretty sweet, right?— pun totally intended…that’s just how I roll.

Seriously, these are absolutely decadent and for the handful of readers I have from the Los Angeles area, they are a dead ringer for the ones served from L.A.’s famous Buttermilk food truck.  I have dreamt of these babies and craved them for days and now I can make them right in my own little kitchen…happy, happy me and now happy, happy you!

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