Sweet And Crumby

Baking, a Love Story


A Peachy, Puffy Pancake

My family makes something we call “Bubble”. Basically, it’s a Dutch Apple pancake, but growing up I never realized it had a real title and erroneously thought that we had invented it. Kids are like that. I still am not sure why we called it a bubble…I think because it gets kind of puffy and airy when it bakes in the oven.

Bubble is a perfect answer to any, “What’s for Breakfast?” question. It has a good number of eggs and a fair amount of milk to make it healthful and it has just a bit of sugar to make it slightly sweet. It’s especially attractive to kids everyone when adorned with beautiful cinnamon sugar apples. How could it not be? Continue reading


Perfectly Simple Mac N’ Cheese

You know in the movie Bridget Jones’ Diary when Colin Firth says, “I like you just the way you are,”… this Mac N’ Cheese is perfect just the way it is.  It’s simple, and sometimes when the world is a complicated crazy mess, it’s nice to have something that is just basic and wonderful to fall back on– something that is totally itself.

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Cinnamon Rolls From the Kitchen of a Mother Hen

My husband’s fondest kitchen memory is of eating piping hot, sticky cinnamon rolls straight from the oven of a friend’s mom.  At Mrs. Brooks’ house, growing teens—some who lived there and many who did not—would stand expectantly around the kitchen with their car greased hands and garage battle wounds and would stuff their mouths full while enjoying the great smells, tastes  and companionship coming from her kitchen.

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