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Small Things, Mint Chocolate Brownies and a {McCormick Giveaway}!


The Giveaway is closed.

Congratulations to Renee G. and Cindy D.! You are the winners of the McCormick gift pack. I will be contacting you both by email shortly.

It’s the small things…

Both given and received that make life much sweeter. That make life bearable during choppy times and even more glorious during the best of times.

Small things like hugs on the way out the door to school. A shoulder massage from my hubby as I work at the computer, or a twenty shoved in the hand of my teenage son as he picks up his keys.

Maybe it’s being poked by a ridiculously toddler like Golden Retriever while you are trying to read…

Very up close and personal fuzzy iPhone photo of Sadie

Or a Mai Tai AND a Chi Chi shared with friends at a cheesy and very kitchy local hang out.

If you ask my daughter though, it’s a batch of favorite mint chocolate brownies which are my way of saying, “Yes, three tests on the same day is kinda rough, but at least you can nibble on this sweet treat while you study. And lick the beater if you like…”.

These minty, rich, wicked little brownies are my daughter’s very favorite brownie. And around here, where baking is not just a hobby, but a sport and a way of life, that’s no small thing. 😉  Of course, I top them with the darkest chocolate for that added yum factor. They are fantastically minty and just a hint green courtesy of some fun products I received from McCormick. They have generously offered up a sweet giveaway to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and bake up a storm.

This Giveaway will end on Monday, March 5th at 8:00pm PST (U.S. entries only).  To earn entries comment on any or all of the following: 1)Go to McCormick’s St. Paddy’s Day recipes and let me know which you want to make in a comment here. 2) Subscribe to Sweet and Crumby (in side bar) 3) Like McCormick on FB 4)Become a follower of Sweet and Crumby on Twitter 5)Become a follower of S&C on Pinterest 6)Tweet the giveaway! 7)Share this on FB.

Wowza! That’s certainly a lot of ways to enter and a whole heck of a lot of social media…just make sure to comment separately and let me know each thing you did for an added entry. Two winners will be chosen at random from my comments section.

Zoie’s Favorite Mint Chocolate Brownies

Brownie Layer
Taken from Family Fun Magazine’s site
Makes 12-16 brownies depending on size
1/2 c. unsalted butter, cut into fourths
4 0z best quality unsweetened chocolate
1 1/2 c. granulated sugar
3 eggs
1 1/2 t. McCormick’s Pure Vanilla Extract
1 c. all purpose flour (loosely scooped, not packed)
1/2 t. salt

Mint Frosting – (Geni’s own recipe)
3/4 c. unsalted butter softened
4 T. cream cheese (room temp)
4 c. powdered sugar
1 t. McCormick’s Peppermint extract
4 drops McCormick Green (or 1/4 t.)

Chocolate Topping
3/4 c. Chocolate chips

To Make the Brownies: Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a 8×8 SQUARE baking pan with two sheets of foil (if rectangle, the center brownies will ALWAYS be softer). One layer going left to right, and one layer going top to bottom. Smooth them out as best you can. This is the best way ever to get brownies out of a pan nice and neatly. Grease the bottom and sides of the foil lined pan with butter.

In a microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate for 30 seconds, then add the butter and melt for 1 minute. Stir. Melt another 30-60 seconds depending on the consistency. You want it completely melted by the end but don’t scald it.

Beat sugar and eggs together with a wire whisk  in a large mixing bowl. Add just a couple large spoonfuls of the chocolate and butter mixture. Stir with a rubber scraper right away. You don’t want to curdle your eggs. Pour in a little more of the chocolate and stir. Repeat until chocolate and egg mixture are well incorporated.

Add the flour and sprinkle salt over the flour (dispersing it fairly evenly over the flour). Using the rubber scraper, stir together until combined. Don’t over mix. Pour batter into lined pan. Bake for about 25 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. I usually just touch it and if it’s slightly firm to the touch (not squishy), but not hard, then it’s done. But that’s me. I like to keep things simple.

Cool for 1 hour before frosting! Very important if you don’t want your frosting slip sliding away (now the song is stuck in your head, huh?!) 🙂

To make the frosting: In the bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with a paddle attachment, beat together butter and cream cheese. Add sifted powdered sugar if you want a smooth frosting. I usually don’t do this. I am a realist. Beat again. Add the peppermint and green and beat until smooth and creamy. Frost your brownie, trying to leave a nice smooth top layer. Refrigerate for at least an hour (two hours is ideal).

For the Chocolate topping: Melt chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl for a minute and then 30 second and another 30 seconds if needed until smooth. Pour over the green frosting and using a spatula, smooth out the top. Refrigerate again for about an hour. When you are ready to cut them, use the foil to lift the whole thing out of the pan. Then peel off the foil and cut the brownies.

If you want smooth cuts, you must freeze them for about an hour instead. If you don’t give a rat’s behind about terribly smooth cuts, then just refrigerate and cut. Enjoy! These are truly wicked.


85 thoughts on “Small Things, Mint Chocolate Brownies and a {McCormick Giveaway}!

  1. You are such a sweet and fun mom Geni! And yes, it’s the little things that count. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  2. These are right up my alley! Nothing beats mint chocolate brownies. Nothing. I love the doggie nose shot!

  3. I just realized something seriously wrong–I wasn’t subscribed to your blog. Say what!? Though, I frequent your blog enough that I still see your new posts. Anyways, these look and sound awesome, Geni! Love the picture of Sadie. Makes me so sad though, my golden isn’t doing well right now. 😦

  4. Aww.. look that cutie :). I love that photo. Now onto these delectable brownies :). I’m wondering if you can fill these with something other than mint? I would love to try this different ways. Yes, my creative food juices are flowing now lol. Love this recipe

  5. I’d make the Shamrock Sugar Cookies. I love the dog picture – what a cutie!

  6. I subscribe to Sweet and Crumbly.

  7. I am a fan of McCormick on Facebook.

  8. I follow Sweet and Crumbly on Pinterest.

  9. Gorgeous! Love the combination of mint and chocolate.

  10. Great recipe! My boys love brownies and mint chocolate chip, can’t wait to try this. Mint shakes look great too on the McCormick site.

  11. I subscribe to your blog, which I totally love! I now have a new reference for baking fun desserts since I totally suck in that department according to my kids! lol

  12. I already like mcCormick on facebook. I love their products!

  13. Yum! How minty and chocolaty!

  14. Oh Dog! Those look delicious! If I didn’t make those, I think I’d make the Emerald Mint Milkshakes from the McCormick’s web site. I love peppermint ice cream!

  15. I follow you on Twitter too! Have a great weekend Geni! 🙂

  16. It is indeed the little things that matter 🙂
    My daughter is in love with brownies too AND she has exams next week!
    This couldn’t have come at a better time

  17. I love that you bake for your daughter! My daughter is just the same, a little home-made treat makes things so much better!

  18. What a fabulous doggy picture! Sadie is so cute, and she made me go awwwww out loud! Love these mint chocolate brownies!

  19. The Mexican Brownies.

  20. Savory Backyard Chicken.

  21. WOW! Should be so delicious, I can eat all of them. Thank you dear Geni, and many kisses for lovely Sadie.
    There is an award for you, you can read on my link. Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  22. Love those minty brownies, perfect treat for test overload! I follow, I pinned, I tweeted. And if I could I’d make the mint milkshakes on the McCormick page.
    Sadie is adorable!

  23. These look so gooey and wonderful! I may make thin mints this weekend (either that or inside out carrot cake muffins)….there’s almost nothing better than chocolate and mint!

  24. i am going to try the Irish Cream Swirl Brownies

  25. This post seriously has everything I love… mint, brownies, chocolate, and cute adorable beaming brown-eyed golden retriever! Couldn’t be any more perfect than that!

  26. What a good mama you are to treat your daughter (oh, and could you send a couple my way, please!). 🙂 And your, pup, oh how I want to snuggle with her.

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  28. Baja Citrus Marinated Shrimp & Vegetable Kabobs

  29. tweeted giveaway:

  30. OMG!!!! LOL!!! I called Brady over to see the picture of Sadie, he came right up to my tablet, and sniffed at her nose!! It was SO funny! I REALLY want to get them together, Geni!! LOVE that picture and she even looks like she’s smiling!! These brownies look so unbelievable good and I can understand why they would be Zoie’s favorite. Ironic that you posted these because I’ve been dying to make these lately.
    I would really like to make those Luck O’ The Irish Cakepops. I need to have another go-round at cake pops having only made them once during this 365.

  31. I’m an e-mail subscriber to Sweet and Crumby!

  32. I’d like to try the Easy Green Velvet Cupcakes. They’re fun-looking!

  33. “Smooth cuts”? Just give me a fork and I’ll do just fine. These look really good, Geni, and I always enjoy seeing the pupster!

  34. Wow~ this looks fun! Thank you for not forcing me to do facebook/twitter thingies, since i don’t have any. haha… Anyways, from the McCormick website, both the milkshakes and the cakeppops. Plus, i looove the perfect color thing at the top~ its super cool!

    By the way:



  35. How scrumptious these look! Peppermint and chocolate is such a classic combination…LOVE!

  36. Those look so FREAKING good! Wow…droooooool

  37. Followed you on Pinterest (you better follow me back, ha!)

  38. Liked McCormick. (Can’t believe I hadn’t already!)

  39. Oh and I pinned it too. I know, I can’t stop. I think I deserve an award for most comments! Did I mention these look great and that your dog is adorable? Love that photo!

  40. Sorry Lisa, you’ve been Greg’d. You beat out my number of spams today. That says alot.

  41. Luck of the irish cake pops is what I’d love to make!

  42. Liked McCormick on FB

  43. Shared this giveaway on FB!

  44. I am make the chocolate minty brownies looks so YUMMY. and then the Easy Green Velvet Cupcakes

  45. I Subscribe to Sweet and Crumby

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  49. Nothing beats a mint & chocolate combination. These brownies look sinfully delicious!

  50. Geni, I too love the combination of mint and chocolate!! And how perfect for St. Patty’s Day!! I’d also make their cheesecake bars as you know I love my cheesecake! And I love the layers in these bars. There’s alot of taste testing going on in your kitchen!! How do you find the time!?! And, now, how do I beat out Greg!

  51. I follow you on Twitter!

  52. And I tweeted your giveaway (wow..you are testing my abilities here!)

  53. I share this on Facebook! At least my personal Facebook!!

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  55. I want to make the Emerald Mint Milkshake.

  56. Never hurt to have some McCormick in the house, particularly to help make some of these brownies. Following you on Pinterest, already on Twitter.

    btw…Sadie is too cute.

  57. I would love to make the Irish Cream Swirl Brownies.

  58. Like McCormick Spice on facebook (Renee Grandinetti)

  59. Your dog is so adorable and the wet black nose. But that St. Patties day cake is such a lovely way to share some happy times with your daughter. Take Care, BAM

  60. Mint and chocolate all in one lovely little package for St. Patrick’s Day. Perfect.

  61. I would like to make the Easy Green Velvet Cupcakes.

  62. I like McCormick’s on facebook.

  63. That slice looks very good! And dang, I cant join 😦
    I wanna win those

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