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Frosting as Superglue and a Chocolate Malted S’mores Birthday Cake


Like my cake, this post is a bit of a mess. Sometimes I just don’t think linearly. I know, the rich and chocolatey S’mores cake looks just fine, even delicious, BUT it definitely had a rough start. The crazy baker who had gotten up at 5:00am to frost it was still a bit sleepy. She had not had her coffee and she was doing dangerous stunts with the serrated knife and muttering to herself while burning her finger tips on the freshly broiled marshmallows. It may have been the morning of the birthday party. This idiotic baker may not have planned ahead quite as well as she thought.

But looking at this cake, could you ever have guessed it has a golf-ball sized hole in the middle of the first layer, filled in with chocolate malted frosting? Or that it had a cookie monster size “bite” out of the second layer? Seriously, my mouth is NOT that big. I am afraid any male in the vicinity who knows me has fallen of his chair in hysterics. I may…um…talk—alot.

Or, that the only way it looked straight was that if you tilted your head at a 15 degree angle just so and then squinted your eyes? See, tilt and squint, that cake below looks almost straight, right?

But luckily for me and for you, because I am sharing this HUGE piece of baking wisdom, FROSTING IS THE SUPER GLUE that can fix any cake disaster. Don’t ever give up on a crumbling cake. Just make a double batch of super delicious, finger lickingly amazing frosting, and you will be fine. Trust me.

One other little tidbit of information I will share so others can learn from my mistakes…do not leave a Costco sized bottle of vodka on the kitchen table, that was evicted from the fridge to make room for the cake, as kids are arriving for your daughter’s party. Parents start asking funny questions since you are the driver for the Little Tokyo/Downtown L.A. birthday party adventure (It was so fun!).

FYI —Yes, I do own Kettle One and no, I don’t always use the good stuff. I am a hoarder.

This S’mores cake, taken from Sweetapolita and then highlighted on Just a Smidgen, is hot damn delicious. Seriously rich, creamy, unusually toasty and a helluva time consuming cake to make. I think I deserve a medal or a button to wear that says, “I made the Sweetapolita S’mores Cake and lived to tell about it.” Smidge, I will send you a button soon.  We won’t include the photos of the kitchen disaster that ensued.

See? No vodka = cake fits in fridge. I know, you have always wished you could see the inside of my fridge just like on Cribs. Wish. Granted.

My daughter requested this superstar of a cake when she saw it on both aforementioned blogs. When it was served after her birthday dinner, all eleven people in my extended family ooooh’d and ahhhh’d. The best praise of all came from my seventeen-year-old son, who is not free wheeling with his compliments, when he asked, “Why didn’t you find this recipe before MY birthday?! This is even better than the peanut butter birthday cake!”

So, apparently this ugly duckling of a cake, actually somehow turned into a swan and impressed the fam.

But note to self: Never, ever, and I mean EVER try to cut two layers into four layers, ever, ever again. I mean really, who did I think I was? Rosie of Sweetapolita, the Kobe Bryant of cake decorating? Tsk, tsk. That is so not me. I have zero decorating skills, zero patience and I am an overall mess of a baker. Keep that in mind next time, Geni, Okey dokey?

Yes, I talk to myself alot. I am not normal.

Chocolate Malted S’mores Cake 

BTW: While I adored this cake and thought it was very worthy of the excessive time, honestly, I prefer my chocolate malt frosting from my Whopper of a Cake post. The chocolate malted frosting I used for the S’mores Cake is definitely a buttercream whereas My Whopper Cake’s frosting is a little lighter and airier. I prefer that but it’s up to you. Both are devastatingly delicious so you can’t go wrong.

For the first time ever, in the history of Sweet and Crumby, I will simply direct you to another site and not give you the 411 with my Geni-isms. Basically, that is because Rosie of Sweetapolita handles the description perfectly, and I really wouldn’t make any adjustments (beyond the frosting) like I usually do to recipes.

My best advice though is to definitely grease your cake pans with butter, place parchment rounds on the greased cake pan bottoms and then grease your parchment as well. Flour the entire pan properly and tap out the excess flour into the sink. I had zero problems getting my cakes out of their pans, but many commentors on Sweetapolita did have trouble with that. Remember that old saying, “A stitch in time, saves nine!”. Grease, parchment, grease again and then flour…you won’t ever be sorry for that.

Oh…one last thing…unless you are exceptionally talented, I don’t see how any normal human makes a six layer cake. You may want to just go for it or make it four like I did and keep in mind that the frosting can and will save the day if necessary.

37 thoughts on “Frosting as Superglue and a Chocolate Malted S’mores Birthday Cake

  1. Hahaha, I had a big grin reading this.. never have I,too, worked so hard to make a cake and assemble it. This was definitely a killer job.. it turned out so pretty, I’m glad you went for it. Yes, icing will hide a multitude of sins for sure! My kitchen was an absolute war-zone when done but like you, it was all worth it in the end! Your cake it stunning!! xo Smidge

  2. Frosting. You call it superglue; I call it duct tape. Tomayto, tomahto. Did Julia Child tell anyone when she dropped the chicken onto the floor? Heavens no and we shouldn’t reveal the truth beneath the frosting.

  3. Yes! Chocolate and vodka in one post? Awesome.

  4. This is an ideal recipe – those pictures are actually killing me 😀
    You are my cake inspiration!

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I’ve made a Sweetapolita cake before (two actually) and you really do need to plan. Ahead. Because they are INTENSE. But always so, so worth it.

    I think the finished product looks fabulous! Frosting is the stuff miracles are made of.

  6. I love this post because it sounds like most of my cake baking experiences! It looks and sounds fabulous however! And yes, frosting is the glue that has held and repaired many of my birthday cakes!

  7. This cake looks great! I am not patient with stuff like this, I would have made it into a trifle! You had me going with the vodka picture, ha ha ha!

  8. The cake doesn’t look messy at all…and your fridge…so tidy!

  9. You had me laughing out loud. I think we have all been there, done that and will never do that again with the cutting layers and trying to frost that mess. However yours turned out a hit in the end. Happy B-Day to your daughter.

  10. This made me laugh thinking of all the holes, slumps, and mishaps I’ve hidden under frosting–too funny. Haven’t tried a multi-layer cake like this before, getting two layers put together is about the extent of my patience and talent. Kuddos to you for even making the attempt!

  11. Well, Geni, the final product looks AMAZING, so I’m thinking all the ups and downs were well worth it – and it seems as if the b-day girl was pleased. So well done! I don’t think I’d even try a 3 layer cake, let alone 4 (or 6?!?). And I completely agree about the frosting – it’s a miracle-worker in so many ways.

    • The birthday girl was beyond thrilled with the S’mores cake and felt very special since she knew what kind of trouble I mucked my way through for it. The party was a hit as well since we shopped and ate our way through Little Tokyo. It was a 14 yr. old’s dream.

  12. Your cake is freaking gorgeous. You could never know that it was an “ugly duckling!” You might just be the Kobe Bryant of cake decorating 🙂

  13. I thought I remembered seeing this cake on Sweetapolita’s blog. I LOVE this but never had the heart to make it myself. Geni, you just gave me the courage and imma tackle this cake as soon as I get home

  14. I refuse to believe this cake is anything but perfect.

  15. Oh I LOVE malt! It’s so old-school and so under-appreciated! Thank you for bringing this into my life!

  16. Seriously this would be the perfect cake for me!

  17. You seriously do deserve a ribbon for making one of Sweetopolita’s cakes. They’re incredible! I live for the day that I can make her ‘asparagus’ cake. Though, I’m not so sure my fondant skills will ever be that great. Even though you had a few issues, you definitely can’t tell from the finished product. What a gorgeous cake, Geni!!

  18. i wish it was my birthday so I could have an excuse to make this cake and eat it all by myself:)

  19. We don’t have Costco sized vodka here. You can’t buy booze at Costco, or anywhere besides the designated booze stores. It’s sad.

    This cake looks amazing though. 🙂

  20. This recipe looks sooo good. I’m going to give it a try this weekend when my friends are visiting. I’m sure they will all love it. 🙂

  21. You are always so funny Geni…like your super glue quote hehehe!
    The cake looks delicious with all the layers of frosting, and I am happy with four layers 🙂
    Have a great week!

    Geni, I had to add an extra H to my email address for WP to take my comment…

  22. It’s such a gorgeous cake I would never know it had imperfections. I bet it tasted wonderful. And I always have vodka on hand for after birthday parties. It’s a necessary thing. 😉

  23. I don’t function well in the morning so I can’t imagine what I would do trying to finish a cake. I won’t tell a soul (of you already have) about the problems. The taste is what it is all about…I think it looks great.

  24. I love your honesty Geni!! The first photo of the cut slice of cake is fabulous!! Until you described your “ordeal” I would have just thought it was so perfectly done!! I’m no cake baker, all that slices and perfectionism drives me crazy. And believe me, I’ve used plenty of frosting to level off my lopsided cakes!

  25. I talk to myself too. We may not be normal, but I imagine we’re in pretty good company. 😉 And as you always say, the honesty – fabulous. Thank you for keeping it real. I have such issues with cake and frosting. So many issues. This looks fantastic though!!!

  26. lol! love the “note to self not to leave vodka bottle on table.”
    What a great looking layered cake you have here!! I love layered cakes too and they’re probably one of my favourite things to bake as time-consuming as they are! Also, I 100% agree with you that frosting is essential for layered cakes. There’s a reason why the term “frosting on a cake” is frequently used!

  27. Have a great Easter!

  28. This whole post made me laugh, but then it make me hungry too! Seriously great looking cake, even if it did kick your butt! LOL

  29. I love this so much. That feels like the inside of my head everytime I attempt anything that’s supposed to look anything nicer than “rustic.” I am awesome at “rustic.” Other things? Not so much.

  30. That cake looks delicious! I don’t even know how you manage to wake up at 5AM. I have been trying for years.

  31. This is seriously delectable! I love food and my waistline is showing that! But these look amazing to try!! Thanks for sharing! I’m trying recipes as an ametur blogger. Would love to know what you think! Thanks! http://www.amandamsherman.wordpress.com

  32. OH MY GOSH. absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS looking! I love malt balls! Hehe I’m through your recipe index right now (probably not the best idea when you’re a hungry baker) and there’s so many things I want to try! I’m glad to have found your blog 🙂

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