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A Sweet Escape {Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Snap w/Bourbon Parfaits}

Escapism. Everyone needs it now and then. A time and place to let go of what’s on your mind and just be in the moment. For a lot of people, it’s running…that feeling of being “in the zone”, for others it’s a hot bath and wine. ¬†For me it’s baking. And when Friday rolled around, I knew I needed to get cooking so I broke out a can of ¬†pumpkin puree and began my escape.

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A Counterfeit Tiramisu—No Cooking Involved—For those Scorching Summer Days

Hi All,

I need some help out there from some tech-savvy bloggers. My blog has recently been copied (about 50 posts in total) at another location. I have contacted the host, Siteground.com, and they want a slew of personal information from me that I am not willing to give in order to take down the fake site. Any ideas out there? It infuriates me that this fake site is selling ad space which notice that I don’t. Any ideas how to get it down? Even my pics have been pinned from this site and lead there!

Thank you!

I am currently going on a little trip so I have left you all with a re-post of this very appropos “no bake” Tiramisu.

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