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Be Kind, Unwind {And Less Guilt Foods to Help You Muscle Through Your Resolution}


Hi Friends,

Thanks for putting up with my lazy but appropriate re-posts for the beginning of this year. Obviously, my resolution was NOT to post more new stuff because that resolution would be long out the door.

Instead, my resolution is to take better care of myself and for me that means very little self-induced pressure for things that really don’t matter in the big picture (I.E. Frequent new posts or keeping a neater house). Have you considered  the torment you cause yourself over things that frankly just don’t mean much? So my advice, if you think my opinion is worth a grain of salt, is to be kind to yourself, at least as kind as you are to others. Do things that make you happy and bring you peace, and take it a little easier on the self-talk. My self-talk is notoriously fairly kvetchy.
New Year's Res

And just in case YOUR resolution is to eat healthier…I have these posts to help you along. These mini Bacon and Potato Frittatas only skimp on fat and calories but thankfully not on flavor. They are so simple to make, and  are easy to grab out the door or make ahead for company.

bacon and potato frittatas

Maybe you have been just so darn good all week, but now are craving something “bad”, something sweet and chocolatey…so how about these very fluffy and fairly low on fat and calories Chocolate Chip Scones. They have been given the Courtney stamp of approval who is a certified chocoholic like myself.

Chocolate chip scones

Or if you really need to feel like you are indulging one weekend morning, make this Mock Hollandaise Sauce for a healthified Florentine Benedict and you won’t miss the gluttonous version one iota. I swear. This sauce is so yummy and will fool you into thinking you have just splurged.

Mock Hollandaise

Need a fairly angelic dinner that will thrill your tastebuds and make you feel a tad sinful? Then make this Salmon with Greek Yogurt Dill Sauce.

Salmon in Greek Yogurt Sauce

Mostly,  I hope you take a nugget from this post and decide that “I like you very much. Just as you are”,  (Bridget Jones’s Diary quote for those it was lost on).

If you have a resolution or healthy post you want to share, feel free to leave it in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Be Kind, Unwind {And Less Guilt Foods to Help You Muscle Through Your Resolution}

  1. I like you Geni, just for who you are! And I like your new year’s resolution. I need to lighten up on myself and stop all the mean self talk!! Life needs to be about pleasure and if we don’t personally give it to ourselves, who will?

    I wish you the happiest year ahead and when some days are just not happy, the strength and patience to pull yourself through. Many blessed days are ahead of you for 2014!! (and me too!)

  2. Thanks Linda. Yes you do need to stop the mean self-talk. Why women tend to do that so much is beyond me. I think we are always trying to fix the world and ourselves and that is just too big a goal. Anyhow, I will send positive thoughts into the universe for a very prosperous 2014 for you and most of all a happy and peaceful one. Thanks for always giving me the boost I need on this blog. You are always a great cheerleader…now just learn how to do it for yourself; that’s the tricky stuff.

  3. I don’t make NY resolution any more, but I love yours….we tend to be HARD on ourselves.
    That Florentine Benedict looks so GOOD!

  4. I like light recipes that call for bacon. German potato salad comes to mind. I guess two tablespoons of bacon fat is better than a cup of mayo. You’re probably thinking Katherine just hijacked my feed. We’ll never tell!

  5. My eyes can’t turn away from the salmon which is causing my mouth to become watery and now I’m totally hungry for salmon lol. I love this post

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