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My Fall Favorites…An Apple-y Collection of Recipes Past

Hi All,

It seems I just can’t get into the swing of things as Fall baking and cooking should be starting to be ushered in. I love Fall…more than any other season and the food that comes with it. But when it’s been in the 100 degree temps on and off for the last four weeks, I simply can’t accept that Fall is near.

So here are some good ol’ apple-y Fall favorites for you to peruse while I try to muster up some motivation to make something other than salad.

My Cinnamon Apple Waffles are a fabulous way to start the day. They are crispy, lightly spiced, a little sweet and just the right thing to get you in the Fall spirit even if I am not.

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An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away—Caramel Apple Bars

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough.  Everyone and their mother (literally) is sick at my house.  Do I  sense a sniffle or two coming from your direction as well?  I, doctor of nothing, prescribe to you a healthy dose of apples, topped with caramel, tucked inside sweet and tender, slightly salty crumbles.

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Life’s Better in L.A. with a Plate of Warm Apple Softies and a Dalmatian Mini-Van

I figured I had better get right to the description of those big, soft cinnamon-y apple cookies so you all who came for the cookies, got what you are here for, with no further ado.  They are the perfect after school or work snack…especially served along side a healthy sliced apple and a tall, cold glass of milk.

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