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A Simple and Brilliant Concept to Help Fight Hunger in East Africa

When I went to Simply Life’s blog today, I was captured by the photos and story of Sarah Lenssen who has started an organization called Ask5for5. It is such a simple concept to help raise money to feed children in East Africa; Ask 5 friends to donate $5 and email their friends to do the same. So simple, you think it might not have a big enough impact, and YET Ask5for5 has raised over $25,000 in a little over a month! That’s incredible! Please read her guest post and see if you can help with this cause.

Sarah believes the response to a crisis must be equal (if not greater) than the size and scope of it. So she is aiming to raise $40,000. This can be done. Giving $5, and getting just 5 of our friends to give $5. And each of their friends can contribute. Indeed, we can help relieve extreme hunger! Continue reading