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Hot Cross Buns from the NYT

These were exactly what I was dreaming of when my own personal Throwback Thursday of a brain brought forth memories of eating at Van De Kamps in Burbank, CA in the 70’s and tearing away at sweet, and slightly tangy Hot Cross Buns. The NYT recipe came through my email and reminded me of some sweet and easy days of being a little girl, ordering these buns and sitting in a booth with feet dangling at least two feet from the ground and sticky fingers ready to be licked after the buns were devoured. Of course, my taste buds were not highly evolved at the age of five, and so I’m sure my memory exaggerates the reality of these buns, but once I had them on my mind, I knew I needed to make them for Easter Brunch.

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Knock Your Socks Off and Make Your Mouth Sing Orange and Rosemary Muffins

If you are here for the scintillating conversation, friends, I am sadly going to disappoint you today. I am having a mad case of writer’s block. But if you are here for the muffins, well, in that case I will surely knock your socks off, or slippers, or flip flops, whatever is on your feet; they are going to be flying right off of ’em.  Because these muffins deserve a much heftier and blingier title than “muffin”. The term muffin seems to yawn banal or scream cloyingly sweet. These brightly flavored orange and rosemary muffins are none of the above.


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Why “Finals” Is the New F-Word and My Cheer ‘Em Up Chocolate Pancakes

Finals week.  Not many other two words could be uttered and elicit such a universally detested feeling, an audible groan and a few expletives shouted out.  I think I would rather say and hear the other f-word over and over again than have to deal with this f-word any more, and I am a fairly conservative girl mind you.

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“Oh My Gosh!” — Cinnamon Swirl Allspice Crumb Topped Muffins

I know…many of you make fun of my very long titles. They’re my trademark, what can I say?  This weekend was a Crazy in the Kitchen weekend.  Do you have those?  Are there days you just can’t get yourself out of the kitchen no matter how hard you try or don’t try? Does your kitchen suffer with battle wounds like mine does in every nook and cranny?

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Can A Muffin Be Lost in Translation?

Can a muffin be lost in translation? This is what I want to know.  You see, my food is my language.  It is my way of communicating my thoughts and emotions which are otherwise indescribable.   I’m not sure anyone else can understand my food language exactly the way it is intended, but I am convinced that it is a language all the same.  It conveys my heart, my soul and my mind.  Isn’t that a language?

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