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Mega Give Aways and a Chocolate Macaroon Bundt Cake

Hello, I have a very exciting week ahead of me for Sweet and Crumby and for you, my awesome readers. I have TWO GREAT GIVE AWAYS this week so you may want to become a subscriber so you are notified when those posts go up. The first give away is for an awesome selection of Halloween Inspired goodies from McCormick! You’ve got to come back tomorrow for the “reveal” to enter.

I have also been visited by the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online and WON a $100 Amazon Gift Card by commenting on Angie’s Recipes!  I will get to participate in the fun of helping the Fairy Hobmother give out a $100 Amazon Gift Card this week so stay posted on the posts!

Please excuse the very horrible lighting.

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Fluffy, the Tarantula, and one Not-So-Scary Bundt Cake

I absolutely adore Halloween.  The next few posts will be devoted to my creatively borrowed ideas from all sorts of places for Halloween treats and fare, and this particular post is dedicated in “loving” memory of our pet tarantula, Fluffy.

“WHO has a pet tarantula?!!!”, you ask yourself.  Am I right?  Well, it didn’t happen on purpose, I can tell you that, and technically she ended up being my husband’s pet tarantula since he kept her at work per my not-so-gentle request. Continue reading