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A Peachy, Puffy Pancake

This re-post is one of my very earliest ones when S&C had virtually four followers; my niece, Lindsey, my parents and my daughter, Zoie. ┬áBut since many of you have not been following since the dark ages of my blog, I thought I might share this sunny and golden “Dutch” Peach Pancake.

My family makes something we call “Bubble”. Basically, it’s a Dutch Apple pancake, but growing up I never realized it had a real title and erroneously thought that we had invented it and that “bubble” was its true blue name. Kids are like that. I still am not sure why we called it a bubble…I think because it gets kind of puffy and airy when it bakes in the oven.

Bubble is a perfect answer to any, “What’s for Breakfast?” question. It has a good number of eggs and a fair amount of milk to make it healthful and it has just a bit of sugar to make it slightly sweet. It’s especially attractive to kids everyone when adorned with beautiful cinnamon sugar apples. How could it not be? Continue reading