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A Parade of Posts of Pumpkins Past {Dessert Edition!}

Hi All,

With Fall upon us, it’s definitely time to pull out the deliciously spicy pumpkin recipes. I hope you enjoy this parade of my favorites!

Try these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies stuffed with Cream Cheese Butter Cream frosting…

Pumpkin Whoppie Pies

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Legendary Pumpkin Bread Pudding and My Favorite Gongoozler

First of all, you are probably now asking yourself two things…1)What makes THIS pumpkin bread pudding so extraordinary?and 2) What the HECK is a gongoozler? I will proceed to explain both if you are patient.

Oh how I wish I could transport that nice little casserole dish to you so you could slowly chew the spongy, luscious pumpkin bread pudding permeated with ginger and cinnamon-y goodness.   I would even pour you a cup of coffee while I state my case.  Then my case would be self-evident, and you and I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Continue reading