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SweetAndCrumby Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Did the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, ever suggest making and bringing them warm banana bread?  No?  Big mistake.   There has been many an occasion over here in which my tried and true chocolate chip banana bread has helped smooth ruffled feathers, sweeten the crabbiest of teachers or carry through the sincerity of an apology.  I just don’t think you can beat the sentiments of a warm, chocolatey, tender and sweet loaf of banana bread.   If you are currently at odds with a spouse, a child or a crazy ill-mannered teenager who has taken up residence at your house, you must make this banana bread and deliver it immediately.  You will be amazed at its effects.

A loaf of banana bread is like a great big, warm and cuddly hug from a toddler or a sloppy kiss from your dog.  It doesn’t have anything to do with  show-offy-ness that fancy cupcakes or other uptight gorgeous goodies can exude.  It has the “I’m trustworthy,” edge and the “You can count on me in a pinch,” mentality.

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