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Bait and Switch Delectable Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

I am honest to a fault. Seriously to a fault. I always bring baked goods and then instantly blurt out ANYTHING minuscule that went awry, as if someone slipped truth serum into my coffee. My most recent admission was,..”I got wrapped up in watching re-runs of Chuck and may have left these muffins in a stitch too long.”

The pictures you see here, unfortunately, are from my last year’s post of my AP Flour pumpkin pancakes. My problem was that I kept making my delicious, fabulously soft, not gritty and very fluffy GF pumpkin pancakes and running out of time to take pictures. Life’s a bit of a bumpy ride for the moment at best (more like an unpaved road in a construction zone. See? Honest to a fault).

So here were my options 1)Never, ever give you the recipe for my mind-blowing GF pumpkin pancakes because my life is in shambles right now, and I will never find the time to snap pics or 2)Post the recipe with no pictures. But then no one would even take a second glance…most of us need visual inspiration to actually stop and take a peek,  or 3) Post counterfeit pictures but post my GF recipe so I can fake you into looking at the post but keep you here because the reality is very, very good and so worth the dishonesty.

I, obviously, opted for door number three. I’ve officially done the bait and switch here at Sweet and Crumby and I am totally OK with that because I would really rather provide you with the amazing GF pancake recipe which I have developed and have eaten about 50 times in our rather picky test kitchen of two (myself and my daughter, Zoie).

The win here for you my friends is that if I am a totally honest person, then you can count on the fact that this recipe is yummy and will make you smile from ear to ear. Enjoy!

GF Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe is an S&C original.
Makes about 8 small pancakes (see photo above for size example)
2 c. GF flour mix (recipe for GF Flour Blend 1 can be found on my GF tab)
1 T. baking powder
1 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
5 T. brown sugar (dark is best but light is OK)
1 t. ground cinnamon
1/2 t. ground nutmeg
1/4 t. ground cloves
3/4 c. milk or milk substitute (we use almond milk and it comes out fab!)
4 T. Canola oil
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
2/3 c. cooked pumpkin
1  teaspoon  vanilla extract
optional: 1/2 c. Nice dark chocolate chips (they are dreamy in these) and or
1/2 c. toasted pecans or walnuts sprinkled in pancakes and on top.

For the pancakes:  In a large mixing bowl, whisk together dry ingredients ( gf flour through cloves).

Now is the time to grease your pan so it gets nice and hot.  Put a pat of butter and tablespoon of canola oil on your frying pan or griddle.  Turn your stove on to medium heat.  Use a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to move around the butter and oil so it greases the whole pan.

In a separate mixing bowl, combine milk, canola oil and eggs.  Beat together so it is well combined.  Add the liquid mixture, the pumpkin and vanilla to the flour mixture bowl and beat with a whisk. Beat well! I can’t emphasize this enough…with GF batters, they DO NOT FORM GLUTEN so you can and should beat vigorously to reduce graininess.  If your batter is too thick to drop onto griddle, then add 1-2 more tablespoons of milk until it is the consistency for ladling.

To test your griddle for readiness…drop a little water onto the pan.  If it sizzles, you are ready to go. Make sure your stove is set to a medium temperature.  Too high and they’ll burn…too low and they won’t cook through.

Ladle pancake batter on to pan.  Flip pancakes only when you see a few bubbles on the uncooked side, or use your spatula to take a little peek at the cooked side.  You want them to be a nice golden brown.

Maple Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce
4 0z cream cheese
1/4 c. butter softened
2 T. real maple syrup
1/2 c. SIFTED powdered sugar
1 T. milk if you need to thin it out

To make the sauce: In a mixing bowl of  a stand mixer or use hand beaters, beat together cream cheese, butter, maple syrup and sifted powdered sugar.  Beat on medium to high so that it is smooth and creamy.  Add a tablespoon of milk if you need to thin it out.  Serve it on the side, sprinkled with a pinch of nutmeg and chopped toasted pecans on top for garnish.


A Parade Of Halloween Treats and Meals…

I am a bit of a Halloween addict I am afraid and when perusing my own blog, I realized just how many recipes I have posted for Halloween inspired food. So here is the parade…and an easy spot to find all the fun and scary food you are looking for…

Blood-Red Heirloom Tomato Soup with Vampire Fang Grilled Cheese

A Spider Webbed Chocolate Macaroon Bundt Cake
from Cooking Light

My Own Yummly Featured Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes 

A Spooky Eyed Halloween Hot Cocoa Bar with Chocolate and Frangelico Spiderweb Cookies

Pumpkin Citrus Cupcakes with Nutmeg Spiced Butter Cream Frosting

This photo provided to you by Zoie, my 13 year old daughter.

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


How to Roast a Turkey Breast {Technically half a turkey breast}

Hi Folks, I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth. Life has happened, and I am treading water for the moment, but here is a re-run of my all-time most popular post, and it’s rather appropriate for serving at this time of year. After re-reading this post, I decided I had better roast a turkey breast today and follow some of my own advice for picking oneself out of a slump. Take care and I hope you are well. Enjoy some turkey!

Where is your happy place? What is the one thing in the world that can pick you up out of a slump and place you on solid ground? It’s important that you know yours and that you can summon it up on any given day when life is more than a little topsy turvy. There are too many moments that can throw you for a loop so please, if there is one take away from this post, research your happy place and know how to reach it at a moment’s notice. It is essential.


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A Graduation Dinner Featuring Seafood Crepes in Mornay Sauce

Eleven people for a sit down dinner. To some, that might seem like a lot, but for our family, who meets every Sunday at my parents’ house, it’s just “Sunday Dinner”.  My mom can carry off this dinner like a pro. She usually goes crazy each and every Sunday with homemade brioche or focaccia, roasted meats, fresh from the garden lettuces and vegetables and always a drool-worthy dessert.

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Well, Hello Margarita and Hello Zesty Lime Cookies

Do you know what? I really don’t care if Cinco de Mayo is not truly a celebrated holiday in Mexico and seems to be more of an invention of the U.S.  I am just too darn happy to have a reason to enjoy some good tequila, take a bite of a spicy enchilada and end my meal with a couple of zesty lime cookies.

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Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Cake and the Speed of Life

Imagine biting into the perfect strawberry chocolate truffle from a ridiculously expensive box of chocolates but in cake form. That is what I was going for when my daughter requested a strawberry chocolate cake for her birthday celebration.  I looked all over the internet and searched through my cookbooks, but did not quite find what I had in mind.  So I pieced together recipes from three different sources to get exactly what I was imagining…a chocolate strawberry truffle in a lovely slice of cake.

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A Parade of Easter Sweets

Whether you have big plans, little plans or no plans, you can whip up one of these spring-y sweets to help celebrate the day. I have rated these recipes based on difficulty and time needed so you can choose the one that fits into your life.

Braided Bread Stuffed with Lemon Curd. This soft, delicate, flaky filled bread is so tangy and sweet. It is really a perfectly beautiful bread to BRING to a brunch, one that you are not hosting and you are only responsible for ONE THING. Because this one is a solid 9/10  in difficulty level (maybe a 10…let’s not mince words) and is totally worth it if you have the time and energy.

Braided Sweet Bread

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