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If Han Solo Were a Doughnut…


I woke up this morning with one clear thought, “I MUST make doughnuts.” And if you are going to bother with the the huge vat of oil, wait for the dough to rise and eat a ginormous amount of calories, then you may as well jump in with both feet and make Maple Glazed Doughnuts topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon crumbles.  Don’t you agree?

I am one hundred percent certain if Han Solo were a doughnut he would be that one right there below which has been dipped in chocolate, then maple glazed and with a finale of freshly cooked bacon crumbs sprinkled on top.  Ok…my mind has always been suspect at best, and now you have just made a positive diagnosis for me as certifiably insane.  That’s Ok…I’m cool with that—really.

You see, these doughnuts were first requested by my husband, and he is a STAR WARS FREAK! I will get to the doughnut association later…be patient.

To answer your questions (if you didn’t have any, please play along anyhow) : 1) Yes, he does actually go to those Star Wars Conventions 2)No, he does not own a Storm Trooper Suit 3)Yes, he DOES own several Star Wars themed clothing pieces (One Boba Fett hoodie, One Yoda Hoodie, etc.) and 4)No I have not acquiesced to wearing THE GOLD BIKINI or having a SW themed bedroom for us so instead he has a SW themed office at work.  Win-win for both of us, wouldn’t you say?

Back to the doughnuts—When glazing these beauties, the whole family pitched in.  My daughter, in a manner much like any professional chocolatier, was dipping some of the donuts in melted bittersweet chocolate, I was spreading on the maple glaze and my husband was in charge of the bacon.  Next thing I know, my husband is on a mission to make an EPIC DOUGHNUT as he put it.  He dipped one in the melted chocolate, refrigerated it for about 10 minutes so the chocolate could firm up, then spread maple glaze over it and finally sprinkled on the bacon crumbles.

It was an EPIC Doughnut indeed, and what is the first thing any normal person associates with the word EPIC but STAR WARS of course (maybe he has rubbed off on me!).  And then it dawned on me, this doughnut is just like Han Solo.  No, I did not see his likeness in the doughnut like those famous Virgin Mary Cheetos that they are auctioning on Ebay.

Instead, I saw the bad-ass bacon crumbles opposing the sweet maple glaze, a sweet and salty irony, much like Han himself and the dark, smooth sexy chocolate.  I mean what woman didn’t want a little nibble of Han Solo (or chocolate for that matter)?   And underneath everything complex on top was just a basic, sturdy doughnut— one you could count on in a pinch.  Didn’t he come through for Princess Leia each and every time?

If you are in need of a reliable doughnut recipe and have a hankering for something deliciously salty and sweet, rich and soft…then make these doughnuts, or make it simpler and just rent Star Wars and stop by the local doughnut shop. You will not be disappointed either way.

P.S. Ok…I had one more cool pic of my very sexy doughnuts.  My husband, the graphic artist, drizzled chocolate over the maple glaze in that pic there.  It looks so cool and zebra striped.  Who would that doughnut be like?  Any ideas?  Please comment.

Basic Doughnut Recipe
Taken directly from Under the High Chair (adapted from Gourmet Today):
1 (1/4-ounce) package (2-1/4 teaspoons) active dry yeast
2 tablespoons warm water
3-1/4 cups all-purpose flour, plus additional for sprinkling
1 cup whole milk, at room temperature
1/2 stick (4 tablespoons) unsalted butter, salted
3 large egg yolks
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
vegetable oil for frying

Maple Glaze:
Taken directly from Under the High Chair
2 cups confectioner’s sugar
1/3 cup pure maple syrup
2 Tablespoons corn syrup
1 Tablespoon water
(optional: few drops maple flavoring)

Other Toppings:
Melted chocolate, 1/2 bag of good quality chocolate chips
Crumbled (or pulverized in Food Processor) freshly cooked Applewood Smoked Bacon

To make the doughnut dough:
Stir together yeast and warm water in a small bowl until yeast is dissolved. Let stand until foamy, about 5 minutes (If yeast doesn’t foam, discard and start over with new yeast.)
Combine flour, milk, butter, yolks, sugar, salt and cinnamon in mixer bowl, add yeast mixture, and mix at low speed until a soft dough forms. Increase speed to medium-high and beat for 3 minutes.

Scrape dough from sides of bowl into center and sprinkle lightly with flour, to keep a crust from forming. Cover bowl with a kitchen towel and let dough rise in a warm draft-free place until doubled in bulk, 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Alternatively, let dough rise in refrigerator for 8 to 12 hours.

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Roll out with a lightly floured rolling pin into a 12-inch round. Cut out as many rounds as possible with 3-inch cutter, cut a hole in center of each round with 1-inch cutter (or melon ball scoop like I did!), and transfer doughnuts to a lightly floured large baking sheet or on a baking sheet lined with a Silpat mat.

Cover doughnuts with a kitchen towel and let rise in a warm draft-free place until slightly puffed, about 30 minutes (45 minutes if dough was refrigerated).

Heat 2-1/2 inches oil in a 4-quart deep heavy pot until it registers 350F on thermometer. Fry doughnuts 2 at a time, turning occasionally with a wire skimmer or a slotted spoon, until puffed and golden brown, about 2 minutes per batch. Transfer to paper towels to drain. (Return oil to 350F between batches.)  Allow to cool completely before glazing.

To glaze, I set up three bowls.  One bowl with the melted chocolate, one with the maple glaze, and one with the bacon crumbs.  As my daughter and I glazed the doughnuts and my husband sprinkled the top with the bacon, we would place them on a rack.  Underneath the rack, I placed sheets of aluminum foil to catch the drips.  Under the High Chair also has a great sounding coffee glaze on her site that you may want to try.  Let me know how it goes!

31 thoughts on “If Han Solo Were a Doughnut…

  1. Yum!! Tristan is going to be so glad that you posted this recipe! I think these are probably his favorite donuts!!

  2. Hi Geni, Those donuts are a work of art. I am getting hungry just looking at them. Yum, I think I can smell the bacon.

  3. yum. that is all I will say.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. These look incredible. I LOVE you for putting bacon on them. 🙂

  5. These are definitely the donuts I’m looking for!
    I’ll be there in a parsec for a dozen of them 🙂

  6. I chuckled when I saw this post because I have a bacony sweet coming up too 🙂 Great minds think alike!

  7. I’ve never seen one with bacon crumbs sprinkled on top before and this looks delicious. Love your photos, I come here when I’m hungry. 🙂

  8. Bacon and doughnuts let the winter fattening up begin! Love the blog! My stomach is rumbling already!

  9. HaHa I love it! My husband is a Star Wars fan as well. Lucky for me he doesn’t dress up nor does he make me dress up either. With being in the military he is unable to go to the conventions, so I skate by on that as well. however, we are always going to toy stores looking for those galactic heroes and he is always ordering these massive figurines (if you could even call these statues that) from the sideshow website. Needless to say we have a collection growing of toys on display that he insists on putting in the main room so that everyone can see.

    Now onto your doughnuts, only one word can sum up how I feel… YUM! When we drove across the country I wanted to stop at a place called voodoo donuts because they had the maple bacon doughnut. I am not a huge fan of fried foods but I think I can bake them and still top them with your glaze and get the same result, or at least I hope so because those are insanely good looking. I bookmarked the recipe.

    • Please let me know if the baking works for doughnuts…or if you find a good recipe for baking them. That sounds like a far easier and healthier way to go. As for the SW fascination…there could be worse things! :p

  10. I don’t really like doughnuts but these look delicious! Really professional! And I’m pretty sure the boyfriend would love a bacon doughnut…

  11. wow, I’m so impressed you made these – they look incredible!

  12. Great title for this post!
    We watched the Star Wars movies with the kids this summer and I commented to my daughter that Han Solo was my favorite when I was a kid. She replied “Yeah, I know Mommy” and I was surprised that she already knew that. I asked her how she knew and she said “Because he looks just like Daddy.” We had a big laugh about that one.

    My husband has boxes of SW toys still in the packages in the basement from when episode 1 came out. He won’t let the kids open the packages because he says it’s their college fund. Ha ha.

    I’m impressed with your doughnut making skills. My mother-in-law makes them sometimes but I’m chicken about the deep-frying.

  13. This made me want a doughnut!! Looks like you did a fabulous job!!

  14. ooh geni this looks so irresistable!… great post as always!

  15. Um, WHOA. You have just blown my mind, and now I can think of nothing I want to eat as much as a maple-chocolate glazed bacon-topped Han Solo donut. Amazing.

  16. Hi, Geni. Those are fancy-pants donuts, for sure! Though I think these calorie extravaganzas all could represent Jabba the Hut – what with two glazes and bacon, of course. The zebra could be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – not SW but that’s what came to mind.

    Now I’m going to have to think about seriously making donuts; I’ve saved some baked versions, which I suspect, might not be as satisfying.

    You managed to get the chocolate-malt frosting into my head awhile ago, so I finally succumbed and used an adaptation as a cupcake filling for a casual get-together. I’ll post my “anatomy of a cupcake” soon….



    • Hi Dan, I think you are right about Jabba the Hut and these hefty doughnuts. Interesting take on the zebra striped one as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. For some reason it reminded me of Xsa Xsa Gabor. Can’t wait to see the cupcakes!

  17. These are lovely looking! I have to make a point of visiting your blog more often. I am missing out.


  18. The zebra donuts could represent Storm Troopers–I too have a husband obsessed with Star Wars, and I think he’d get a kick out of Han Solo donuts. Does yours recreate scenes from the movies with his action figures? Mine has 5 different scenes recreated in his den–Most impressive (to me) is that he recreated the whole Cantina Scene from Episode IV!

    • I can’t wait to tell my husband the Storm Trooper association for the zebra doughnut. What is it with husbands and Star Wars? The funniest thing is that I keep getting comments about other hubbies who are obsessed with SW. I think we need a support group or something. But, actually I don’t mind. It’s a good hobby/obsession. It doesn’t mess up the kitchen like mine does!

  19. I have never thought to make my own donuts, but this looks like a winning recipe!

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