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Party Worthy Fruit Skewers and a Honey Yogurt Dip


When I am asked if I can bring a dish to a party, I am usually the first to jump up and down with joy and shout out sweet ideas. Does this party need cupcakes…a refined little pastry perhaps or a big, honkin’, decadent cake?

Well, my niece, Emme, was having a cupcake themed birthday party and the party goers were going to be making the cupcakes from start to finish at the party.  Extra desserts were definitely not needed so instead I opted for a fruit skewer platter.

Cut Your Melon in Sections and then Slice into Triangles

But no ordinary platter would do.  I am a food blogger and most definitely a food lover, so it had to be something fancy, something that could keep up with the gourmet cupcakes that were being served and something that would tempt ten-year-old girls despite there being three trays of crazy delicious sweet treats (there were black bottom cupcakes that were THE BOMB and will absolutely be shared here soon).

My daughter offered up the idea of cutting some of the fruit into fun shapes, and I thought of skewering them onto large cocktail type toothpicks so that the girls could easily pick up the entire “skewer” and pop the fruit in their mouth…easy, neat, small and cute—That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

So here is my post, with one measly honey yogurt dip recipe, but a fresh and fun way to serve fruit at your next party.  We used a tiny flower nesting cookie cutter set that I got CHEAP at our local supply store, but I think nesting stars would be perfect for the Fourth of July, don’t you?

And for those of you naysayers out there, grumbling at the sheer annoyance of cutting out fruit with a cookie cutter(that would typically be me), it took MUCH LESS time than it looks.  We got it down to a science, didn’t cut every piece of fruit with the cookie cutters and saved ALL of the fruit “left over bits” to make a puree for fruit pops.  No waste either!

Pretty, moderately easy and socially conscious…what more could you want? Perhaps just a dessert, a real dessert with chocolate, butter and sugar and laden with calories?  No worries, I’ve got you covered; One will be popping up in the next post soon so stay tuned.

Honey Yogurt Dip
Serves one fruit platter
1 c. nonfat plain yogurt
2-3 T. mango or pineapple juice (depending on how thin you want it)
1/4 t. vanilla
2-4 t. honey depending on how sweet you want it
a dash of cinnamon (1/8 of a t. or so)

Directions: Mix everything together in a small bowl…there that’s it…nuttin’ else.

26 thoughts on “Party Worthy Fruit Skewers and a Honey Yogurt Dip

  1. Adorable! I made these for my son’s class party this year. I wish I would have thought to use little cookie cutters. So clever!

  2. Oh my! those girls at the birthday party are real lucky!..
    My kids would LOVE these!
    Thank you for sharing an amazing idea and recipe

  3. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching all the fun with everybody making cupcakes.
    Your melon skewers are so pretty and perfect – think I would like to always eat my fruit like that – bet they taste way better in pretty shapes.
    🙂 Mandy

  4. Your daughter is a genius! I bet the kids reached for these before even the cupcakes!

  5. So pretty Geni! Your daughter had a great idea there! Your baking always impresses me and this simple fruit platter with dip is just as impressive and so very refreshing and light for these summer months!

  6. How cute is this!!? Heading out to buy the mini cutters next time my 20% off at Michaels comes in the mail:)

  7. These look so fun and refreshing! And the yogurt dip sounds delicious.

  8. This look adorable..perfect for a girls party with those wonderful colors and summer fruit! Just beautiful Geni!

  9. How fun 🙂 I love all of your cute little fruit shapes!

  10. Those are adorable! What a great way to get kids to eat their fruit.

  11. These are so adorable! Why is it that everything is so much more fun to eat when its in pretty shapes?

  12. SUCH a cute idea, Geni! I adore this. I’m all about bite-size food at parties.

  13. Wow, such neat idea, Lee would love to do something like this, and it’s healthy also.

  14. Oh I just love the fruit skewers. They look like they’re fun to do and definitely fun to present at a party. Now I can make my own and stop purchasing Edible Arrangements for my mom lol.

  15. Well, you COULD still dip these in chocolate to make them over-the-top decadent! 🙂 I love the shapes, and this would definitely be a perfect treat for the 4th!

  16. Very pretty! Such a great idea to use the cutters!

  17. This is a super cute and fun idea to get people to enjoy their fruit! Thanks for sharing :))

  18. So someone did not invite me to the party and all fun & wonderful looking food by herself– not justified! These skewers are calling my name-sooo fresh & colorful looking

  19. Very cute idea. I use my cookie cutters all the time for my kids. Sometimes introducing the same foods in a different shape or texture helps them to try new foods or not get bored of the same old same old.
    I did something similar for my son’s preschool end of the year picnic!
    Again very cute and have a great weekend! 🙂

  20. Cute, colorful, healthy and delicious fruit combo!

  21. *claps hands* What a marvelous idea!! The little skewers are just darling!! I’m gonna have to make this real soon, but first I’m gonna have to find me some cute little nesting cutters like this. I can’t wait to make these! 🙂

  22. This is perfect for the summer.

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