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Sip, then Dip the Ladies Tiramisu


Yes, my mind has left the building(that’s nothing new), but no, I am not high on anything but life and just perhaps a teensy bit of Kahlua in my coffee.  This summery no-bake, no–cook Tiramisu is my way of sticking my tongue out at the sit-in being staged by my oven and stove at the moment.  Are you having that problem too….is there a nationwide sit-in going on?! I’m sorry…I think it may have started at my house. I’ve not been very kind to either one of them lately since I have started this baking blog.  We are currently in negotiations. 

Their demands are below:

  1. Their work day will not start one minute before 6:00am nor end after 10:00pm (I’m contemplating this one…I am an early riser and sometimes start my baking around 5:30…stop wincing).
  2. They can only go on two times per day MAX- even a grilled cheese sandwich for the tall, angsty human counts as being “ON!” (Note to self: make sure to tell son).
  3. They must be well taken care of in the way of using the nice, no scratch blue sponges only and gently polishing the chrome…absolutely NO SCOURING.  OUCH! Just the thought hurts (Costco large pack of blue sponges…check!).
  4. They must get one day off entirely.  Nothing boiled, broiled or baked…NADA! (Totally on board with this one…love eating out on Friday nights and having a neat, clean kitchen just once in my week).
  5. Most importantly: DO NOT let the tallest, eldest male even near them! (no problem there).

I can honestly sympathize with their demands…it’s just not baking friendly temperatures these days.  I’ve seen the, “Let’s look all across the nation” weather report, and it’s just plain brutal.  It’s so DANG HOT just about everywhere.  So the answer to your dessert question in the throws of July is my Sip then  Dip the Ladies Tiramisu.  It’s creamy, it’s cool, a little tipsy (the dessert, not the baker hopefully) and definitely luscious.

Please do as this blog title dictates…First and foremost, make yourself a cup of iced coffee and add a cap full of Kahlua to it..then sip.   If you want to add a bit of the whipped cream, you have my blessing, and I can count you as one of my friends.  Are you wondering when you dip the Ladies in that lovely Kahlua? Just chill…the lady fingers will be dipped a bit later.

So thumb your noses at the oven and stove–even stick out your tongue if you want to join in, and let them know that you can go on without them…at least for a little while.

What no-bake desserts do you make in the summer?

Simple Tiramisu
1 pint heavy whipping cream
6 T. powdered sugar
1 8 0z carton of Mascarpone cheese (Italian, sweet cream cheese)
1 8 0z carton of cream cheese(1/3 fat is fine)
1/2 c. sifted powdered sugar
1/2 c. hot water
1 T. instant espresso granules (instant coffee works too)
2 T. Kahlua
20 ladyfingers
shaved chocolate or 1/2 t. unsweetened cocoa

You will need a 9×13 or similar baking dish (Pyrex works great and looks nice so you can see the layers from the side)

Step 1: Make the whipped cream (yes, you have my blessing to buy Cool Whip and make this SUPER, SUPER easy) by pouring the pint of whipping cream into a metal bowl or bowl of a stand mixer.  Beat on medium then high speed until soft peaks form.  Add one tablespoon of the powdered sugar at a time, beating in between each tablespoon until stiff peaks form.  Remove the whipped cream from the bowl and place in another bowl to save for later.  You can use the same mixing bowl from the whipped cream for the next step…don’t wash in between steps…you are just going to add  some whipped cream back in soon anyways.

Step 2: Put the Mascarpone, cream cheese and 1/2 c. powdered sugar into the bowl of a stand mixer and cream together on medium speed then higher speed until all of the ingredients are incorporated together and your filling is creamy and smooth.  Gently fold in 1/2  of your whipped cream with a rubber spatula until well mixed.  Save the other half to top your Tiramisu.

Step 3: Mix HOT water, espresso and Kahlua together in a small bowl (If you’ve made coffee already in a pot, just use a 1/2 cup of your coffee instead of water and espresso…it will work fine).  DIP (YES, finally you get to dip the ladies)– DIP the bottom half of  10 of the lady fingers in the Kahlua mixture and lay them across your baking dish. Lay each lady finger side by side and fill in any empty space with a lady finger pushed in, Kahlua side up.   Then dollop 1/2 of the cream cheese mixture in spoon fulls on top of the dipped ladyfingers.  Carefully, spread the cream cheese filling over the ladyfingers with a spatula.  Dip the last 10 ladyfingers in the remaining Kahlua mixture. If you don’t have enough left, just mix another 1/4 c. of water, 1 1/2 t. espresso and 1 T. Kahlua so you have plenty.  Then place them on top of the cream cheese layer.  Repeat the cream cheese dolloping and spreading process.  Gently, spread your reserved whipped cream over the top.  Shave chocolate or dust cocoa powder on top for a pretty finish.  Refrigerate for at least one hour for the best results.  This allows your ladies to get amply tipsy from the Kahlua and will help permeate the whole dessert with the layers of sumptuous coffee flavor.  Enjoy!

36 thoughts on “Sip, then Dip the Ladies Tiramisu

  1. Yummy! I LOVE no bake desserts and this tiramisu looks delicious!! Gorgeous pictures too! 🙂

  2. You’ve made my day with this clever post!! I’m right with you on no bake desserts! I actually made an ice cream tiramasu for my daughter’s bday 2 wks ago! I wish I had the instructions on pouring myself an iced coffee with Kahlua prior to starting the dessert!! Seriously Geni, I adore your cooking and your style! This looks so delicious!!

  3. That tiramisu looks so perfect! My mom would love you for this 😀

  4. This looks wonderful. My wife makes the tiramisu in our house and she does cook part of it. I’ll let you ponder which one! This is just such a classic!

  5. Yum, yum, yum!!! No bake?! I know my oven would welcome the respite after being on practically every day for 150 some odd days (I’ve forgotten which day I’m on haha), but no rest for the weary! I’ll have to make this one night when I’m baking dinner, Geni, because it looks to good to pass up!
    I’m especially fond of the the Kahlua in the coffee idea 😉 I just happen to have a little bottle up in the cupboard that I’ve been saving for a baking expedition, but drowned in coffee sounds WAY better! Hmmm….so is 9:02 am too early to start “drinking”? I’ve never done it before. Wow, a little Kahlua in my coffee, who KNOWS what kind of recipe I’ll come up with today!!!!! 😀

  6. I love no bake desserts like these..be it cheesecake or tiramisu..looks so mouthwatering yum!

  7. Tiramisu is probably my favorite no-bake dessert ever. Great post!

  8. LOL! I love any recipe that starts with a pint of whipping cream. AWESOME.

  9. Turning the oven on at this time of year is just a bad idea all around. Especially in my miniature apartment. I think I’d die of heat stroke.
    Clearly what I need to do is make tiramisu and eat it for every meal. That seems like the most logical solution. 🙂

  10. Absolutely perfect no bake recipe for the summer. Really gorgeous photos!

  11. Tiramisu is my all time fav dessert and I will never get bored of it for sure.

  12. I love tiramisu and haven’t had it in way too long!

  13. Oh delicious and even better that there is no baking involved! And you don’t have to tell me twice, I’m all over that Kahlua and coffee! Haven’t had that in a long time. Yum! 🙂

  14. Normally I’m not a fan of Tiramasu, but for some reason this looks delectable. And, of course, a little Kahlua while making is a definite must! Hmmm, I think I’ll have a little with cream on ice right after I’m done here…

  15. Thankfully, my oven and I worked out an agreement with the air conditioner so I’m not having such union issues. But I always love a good tiramisu regardless. This looks fabulous!

  16. I’m not usually a no-bake dessert kind of girl, but you may have converted me! I think it was the coffee and Kahlua that did me in. In the summer I usually wait for a cool(er) day to do my baking, or go without dessert (oh the horror)! This Tiramisu is a great option for caving in to dessert cravings on a sweltering day.

  17. Oh Geni, you have me wanting a sweet treat right now. This no cook Tiramisu looks amazing. My mother is amazed by this dessert as well.

  18. Looks awesome! I love tiramisu. It has been way too hot to turn on the oven, I agree!

  19. I love no bake desserts in the summertime. My sister and I were just talking about making a tiramisu for my dad’s birthday later this month. I’ll try your recipe because it’s so simple! With my 3 boys and my sister’s 2 boys, we need simple recipes! Thanks!

  20. My goodness, this looks fantastic!

  21. That is a lovely light desert, been wanting to make one of this for a long time and it looks like this recipe will be the one I will try.

  22. What a beautiful dessert! You’ve reminded me of a no-bake dessert that I loved when I was a kid — I’ve got to get that recipe from my mom!

  23. I want this…really, really bad!!! It looks so sinfully delicious, and if I had some whipping cream and cream cheese, I’d make this right now! 🙂

    My favorite no bake dessert…ice cream! 🙂

  24. Our mouths are watering just looking at this appetizing dessert! If you are having trouble looking for some good espresso granules, try some of our Peet’s Coffee beans! Always delicious!

  25. Geni, indeed the no bake desserts are great specially during Summer. Your tiramisu looks great, beautifully done! You are always so funny 🙂
    Have a great week ahead!

  26. Such a cute post, Geni! And yes, my stove and oven are on strike too, lol. 🙂

    This is definitely the perfect no-bake dessert — it looks incredible! Another summertime no-bake fav of mine is frozen yogurt…so good!

  27. Love this post! Wish I had a slice of this. It looks so cool and creamy. A tall iced coffee with a “cap full” wouldn’t hurt either!

  28. Yum yum yum. I’ve never attempted tiramisu even though it is one of my fav desserts. This one makes it look reasonable!

  29. This looks delicious! Tiramisu is one of my all time favourites and this looks like a particularly good version!

  30. Gorgeous tiramisu, it looks delicious, fluffy and moist. Exactly how the cake should be. 🙂

  31. ~I am making this for my next family event.
    Absolutelty DElish!
    I am drooling all over the place. xx

  32. Tiramisu yumm! You make it look easy! All your pics look great! Thanks for sharing! I’m new to blogging and love that there is a foodie community! If you have time, please check out my blog: http://shecooksandheeats.wordpress.com/. And of course! Any advice would be great 🙂

  33. My my this looks gorgeous!!

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