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Creamy, Dreamy Mango Flan and History Making Latin Inspired Caesar Salad Dressing


It’s been awhile since I posted.  That happens.  Life happens. This flan is yum…especially with Kahlua generously poured over the top and finished with a dollop of whipped cream.  I have to warn you though, while the texture is perfection and the flavor creamy and sweet, I really didn’t taste the mango. Just thought I’d share that and be totally honest here.

This flan was the piece de resistance to my Mexican inspired Sunday dinner. Sunday Dinner has always been an event for our family.  I went crazy with my themed dinner.  It’s a thing in our family to go crazy when making Sunday Dinner.  I served carne asada, freshly made tortillas (not by me!), pico de gallo, a cold bean and corn salad, a Mexican style Caesar salad with the most fabulous Cotija cheese and pumpkin seed salad dressing ever in the history of salad dressings, rice and fresh fruit (several acoutrements have been left off this list for the sake of you, my readers).

Sugar in terrible lighting at high simmer, waiting to carmelize.
Of course, without a moments hesitation, I ventured to Vallarta’s a Latin American Grocery store in the next city.  Yes, I could have gotten all of my ingredients down the street, but our Ralph’s just doesn’t crank out homemade, fresh, piping hot tortillas like Vallarta’s does.  Picking up a warm package of tortillas, fresh with trapped steam and an intoxicating aroma escaping out is exactly the reason why it’s worth the drive.

A ramekin with swirled carmelized sugar on the bottom and sides.

Other reasons include a plethora of ripe avocadoes, and a “deli” bar of several salsas, grated Cotija cheese, authentic Mexican style Crema (like sourcream) and the list goes on.  My one year of college Spanish (some 20 years ago), finds me at a loss as I try to explain that I only want half a container of the Crema. I am the only apparent Gringa there that morning and although I am happily shopping away listening to Latin music played over the speakers, I wonder what it must be like for a non-English speaker to come to the U.S., and try to make his or her way through stores and life.

I have not been much of a traveler to foreign countries and have rarely been in a situation where English hasn’t been useful so I really can’t say that I’ve been there done that, but I can imagine how frustrating and sometimes isolating it can be. I can’t wait until I am at the next stage in life when my kids are done with college and I have what we like to call expendable cash and I can get to travel the world.  That would be grand.

But until then, my biggest venture off the beaten path will have to be my escapades to various markets, finding myself exploring new spices and foods and rubbing elbows with people from different places. I love L.A.  Some people hate it. There are things to hate for sure, but there are things to love like diversity. You can’t knock that.

I have included recipes for both the Flan and the Mexican Caesar Salad and dressing. They were both delish!

Mango Flan –  Recipe found on Food Network from Gale Gand by clicking the link.
My only additional comment is to be PATIENT with the carmelization of the sugar.  It took longer than the recommended time for me.  Everything else worked well, but once again I did not taste the mango and don’t know if doubling it and subtracting some of the milk would mess with the texture too much.

Mexican Caesar Salad Dressing
Taken directly from Recipe Secrets.com
1/2-1 medium anaheim chili-roasted/peeled/seeded, depending on how hot you like it
3 tablespoons pumpkin seeds(pepitas)-roasted
1 large clove garlic
1/8 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup oil (I used a cup)
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons grated cotija cheese
1 small bunch cilantro-stemmed
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons water

Place chili pepitas,garlic,pepper, salt,oil,vinegar and cotija cheese in
food processor. Blend about 10 seconds then add cilantro,bit by bit, until
smoothly blended.

Place mayonnaise and water in large stainless steel bowl and whisk until
smooth. Add blended chili mixture and mix thoroughly. place in airtight
container and refrigerate, may be kept up to three days.

Serve over a salad of chopped Romaine, freshly diced cucumbers and tomatoes, toasted Pepitas, freshly chopped avocadoes and sprinkled with Cotija Cheese.

37 thoughts on “Creamy, Dreamy Mango Flan and History Making Latin Inspired Caesar Salad Dressing

  1. I LOVE Caesar salad and this one sounds fabulous! Thanks!

  2. This looks fantastic Geni! I love the sauce and presentation, it is defiantly full of flavor!
    Ohh yea travel the world:)) I am with you, can’t wait for kids to grow up a bit:)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. That’s worth the wait. It all looks so, so, so fabulous!

  4. Oh Geni, you poured Kahlua over that flan!! Si, I like that! (and that’s where my Spanish starts and ends!) I should have known you were a theme type lady, just like me! I can imagine your entire dinner was fabulous seeing that you purchased all authentic ingredients!

  5. The flan with kahlua looks marvelous!

  6. I’ve never had flan before, but if its covered in kahlua, Im pretty sure I’d love it. 🙂

  7. The flan covered in Kahlua looks outrageous !Looks very professional!

  8. This sounds delicious! Especially the salad dressing. 🙂

  9. Mango flan sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

  10. I love flans their smooth and silky texture is something to really love for, we have a similar recipe in the Philippines called leche flan.

  11. I’m not a flan fan, but this looks scrumptious! Can’t go wrong adding a little Kahlua on top. 😉

  12. the flan looks so beautiful!

  13. LOL! I was totally illiterate and had zero Japanese when I moved there, so your comments about not being able to communicate your wants rung a bell with me.

    In my two years, the grocery store led to all sorts of pain (and hilarity) in the grocery store with mistaken ingredients (if it looks like rhubarb, it’s not) and ended with a sobbing breakdown in the soy sauce aisle (how are these soy sauces different?!?! HOW?!?!).

    And then I moved back to Canada and started missing the challenge of grocery shopping. It was a trial I always had to brave myself for, but it was always an exploration of the space… and that was really cool.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  14. I somehow still couldn’t gather the guts to make flan .. always feel that I might just fail !! You are inspiring me .. and I am going to give it a try!

    • Honestly, your fear is valid. My first flan (not this recipe) I ever tried was a complete failure. A few key points–watch your carmelizing sugar like a hawk. I can go from nice and golden to burnt and throw it out in seconds. Also, the water bath for the flan when it bakes is very important. This keeps your pudding moist and creamy.

  15. First off let me say I love the ceasar dressing. It sounds so delicious. And I love the mango you’ve paried with the flan. Geni you’ve outdone yourself.

  16. That flan looks super tasty. Too bad it didn’t taste like mango, but with all that alcohol I can’t see that it matters! 🙂

  17. What a wonderful meal you had! And I, too, experience other cultures through food, people from other countries living near me, and ethnic grocery stores.

    I’ve never had flan before, but it looks really good! That Mexican Caesar salad dressing sounds wonderful too! 🙂

  18. I came to the US when I was 10 and couldn’t speak English, I nodded and smiled a lot, my dad still does that now. And when we first moved from NYC to NC, I couldn’t understand the Southern accent, the nodding and smiling trick works well also. 🙂

    That looks so divine, I would be licking the plate. 🙂

  19. I’ve never made flan but I’m inspired to now — yours looks so creamy and decadent!

  20. I have been wanting to make a flan for a long time but not much sucess..mine sinks 😦 Your recipe is really worth a try..its a small portion & mangoessss!

  21. This sounds absolutely great! Mango flan…mm! 🙂

  22. oh this dressing sounds amazing with all those different flavors!

  23. Your food looks great. I love visiting different markets. And there’s something special about loving the place you live. Make the most of it!

  24. My grannie from PR use to make me flan all the time as a tike, but somehow left out that amazing kahlua part.

  25. I love the colours here – I made a flan a little while ago but lost my nerve while caramelizing the sugar (was scared I would burn it) and it didn’t come out dark enough. But this is just beautiful!

    • Thanks! Do you know what, the same thing happened to me when I made my first flan awhile back. It never carmelized but the cooking time had already went several minutes past the recipe’s suggested time. I found with my second try that I had to cook the darned sugar at least 8 minutes past the cooking time but it finally got there!

  26. I love flan, it really delicious…awesome!

  27. Oh yum! Both recipes sound amazing! I’ve never made flan.

  28. Geni, topping the flan with Kahlua sure makes the flan tastier 🙂 Sorry you did not taste the mango…the salad dressing sounds delicious, maybe I am bias, I love cilantro, so dish that contains cilantro I am for it.
    Hope you are having a fantastic week 😉

  29. I love mangoes and that one in flan would have been so good. I have never tried making flan but it is in my to-do list. I have bookmarked your recipe. Will keep you posted on how it went.

  30. I go pretty crazy with themed dinners also. Go big or go home. That’s totally my motto.

    And mexican-themed? Especially delicious. Both the flan and the salad. Totally craving-inducing.

  31. mmmmmmmmm oh jesus, i want this right now! in my mouth!

    Have a nice day and btw. check out my new post, finally 🙂

  32. I…love.. Vallarta. And I miss LA. These recipes are beautiful, your family, lucky.

  33. I love flan and yours looks amazing! I’d love to try the Caesar, too, nice flavors.

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