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Throw-It-In-Before-Work Lentil Soup (Slow-Cooker Style)

This Green Lentil soup, is cozy, earthy and brimming with smokiness from the pancetta and cumin. If you cook it just right, then a spoonful is a bit toothsome, and the lentils are not quite falling apart. Oh, and there’s just a hint of heat from the fire roasted tomatoes and plenty of good for you ingredients like spinach and carrots. A bowl of this is like a warm but slightly spicy hug. All good things in other words.

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Therapeutic Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet And Crumby

Sit down, which I assume you are if you are reading this post.  Take a deep breath, and tell me what’s been troubling you.  Too long a list perhaps?  Has your boss, spouse, kids, roommate, efriend got you down? Have your shoes and whole wardrobe, for that matter, reached their expiration date?  Completely out of ideas for your next blog post?

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Quick and Dirty Home Made Chicken Soup

More times than not, time is not on our side. We are pulled in so many different directions that our head spins, and we are hanging on to our sanity by our fingertips. As a culturally Jewish woman, and lover of cooking, you would think I would have made chicken soup, a.k.a Jewish Penicillin, my whole life. But no, I’ve avoided making my own chicken soup or stock until the last couple of years since it always felt like such a large undertaking, messy and time consuming. And most days, I simply don’t have the time or energy for that kind of nonsense.

Pic with added Matzo Ball – Made from a box mix. 🙂
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A Line-Up of Soups for those Blustery Days

Brrrr, are you all freezing out there? So sorry…I really have no clue what that is like since I am a bit chilly in sunny So. Cal. and I think the low is about 63 degrees Fahrenheit today. I know. I am a big baby. I’m spoiled…a California Girl through and through…although I don’t surf…but there’s still time yet.

If you need a little something cozy, comforting and warm to thaw you out, then dig into one of these hearty bowls of soup.

Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup with a “How to” on creating your own soup recipes.

sausage and kale

Creamy, dreamy Spinach Soup gives you the strength to take on the week of cooking and shopping ahead.


Or how about my famous Sweet Potato Soup which has been given the honorary Kristy seal of approval.

Sweet Potato

Finally, don’t to be afraid to make my scary vampire red Heirloom Tomato Soup. It’s herby and begs to be dipped in by a crispy and gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

tomato soup

If you make one of these soups, you are sure to be warmer and toastier very soon. Happy almost Thanksgiving to all of those celebrating.


A Parade of Soups to Warm You Up

Is it freezing where you are…literally? So much of the country right now is under so many feet of snow…and a nice, hot bowl of soup may be just what is called for, and perhaps a Hot Buttered Rum to boot or a one way ticket to somewhere warm.  If I were near you, I would gladly bring you over a pot of one of my soups…I love to make soup. It’s therapeutic if you ask me.

So here they are in all of their glory, my semi-famous S&C soup line-up…
Sausage and Kale Soup with potatoes and carrots…so full of heartiness that it will surely knock you out of your winter blues.


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Soup 101 – How to Create Your Own Soups

Making soup is magical. I love to step into my kitchen with a big, empty stock pot on the stove and start building my soup. It’s therapeutic for me; as onions sizzle, and my sleek chef’s knife makes crisp and loud chops against the cutting board through celery, carrots and potatoes, my entire body releases stress. Forget about a runner’s high. It has absolutely nothing on a soup maker’s high.

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Snowed-In, Rained-In Mushroom Soup

Valentine’s Day is over, and I am very type-A when it comes to my posts, and it literally makes my skin crawl to have red, pink and hearts spread out on my home page so here is a repeat post just to hold us over for a day. I have a lemon souffle I will be posting by tomorrow (or sooner) so don’t fret. Feel free to skip this post or read it. It’s totally up to you; I’ll never know the wiser.

Here it is crazy cold (all of 47 degrees F. in So Cal and Yes, I am a big baby), and I just made this soup last night so I thought it was quite apropos.

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