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Two Rocky Road Cupcakes and the Bad List


These Rocky Road cupcakes are a perfect example of my tug-of-war with my family over good taste.  My daughter and I had to make two versions of these lovely cupcakes to please both sides of the food spectrum at my house. You know that old song, “You say tomato (to-may-to) and I say tomato (to-maw-to), You say, Po “tay” to and I say Po “taw” to…Let’s Call the whole thing off?”  Well that is sort of the story of my food life at our house.  Here is version two of the Rocky Road cupcake with Coconut and Peanuts.

I like dark chocolate, my husband likes milk….I like nuts in just about everything and my husband, not so much.  Coconut?  Yes for me, no for him. Most vegetables, yes for me and no for him. I think you get the gist of this problem.  We have VERY DIFFERENT taste buds. Then we spawned children, and most of their taste bud genes came from him.  Bummer!  Although my daughter, 13, is fast becoming a foodie as time goes by.  YAY!  One more for my team.

My dad could have predicted this food fiasco about 25 years ago when my husband and I were only dating, and he sat my husband down for one of those serious, “You are dating my daughter,” talks that fathers have.  You know the ones…where he is supposed to be mildly threatening my date not to lay a hand on me, to drive safely…yada yada, yada.  This conversation went a little bit differently than other dad/date talks that were happening in homes across the country I am to assume.

This conversation did NOT revolve around ME, but revolved solely around FOOD! My dad was quizzing him on his food preferences! Yes, you heard that correctly.  There was a yellow pad of lined paper involved, a messily drawn line down the middle and the words, “BAD” and “GOOD” scribbled across the top.

OK, question number one for my date was, “Do you prefer steak or chocolate?”.  My date answered Steak.  My dad marked a big, red check on the bad side.  Then he asked, “Do you like nuts in your chocolate chip cookies?”.  My date answered, “No.”  BIG, HUGE CHECK on the bad side.  It went on like this for a few frustrating minutes for my then date now hubby.  I was mortified when I entered the room to discover what was going on in our kitchen.

Can you imagine being an 18-year-old girl and finding this fiasco of a situation in your kitchen?  Just thinking about it some 20 years later, makes me cringe (and giggle!).  Ah well, my date survived, and I married him a few years later, but our taste buds never did converge…just as my dad suspected.  My husband has since had to have pretty thick skin to survive the sarcasm, nuttiness and general Type-A, we are always right, mentality of my family so maybe the checklist wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  If he could survive being a teenager in my kitchen that day, maybe he could survive the joy ride of marrying into my family.

I hope these Rocky Road cupcakes can be made in one version at your house, but if not, that’s OK…to each his own!

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Rocky Road Cupcakes
Adapted from Cupcakes by Pamela Clark

Marble Cake
2 sticks butter softened
1 t. vanilla extract
1 1/3 c. granulated sugar
4 eggs
2/3 cup milk (I substitute with 1/3 c. sour crm. and 1/3 c. milk)
2 1/4 c. flour
1 t. baking powder
1 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
3 T. cocoa powder
4 t. milk, extra

Rocky Road Topping
1 c. roasted unsalted peanuts
1 c. flaked coconut, toasted
1 c. mini marshmallows
1 bag of chocolate chips melted

Preheat oven to 35o degrees.  Line muffin pan with paper baking cups.  This recipe should make 2 dozen.

Beat butter, vanilla and sugar together in a bowl of an electric mixer with paddle attachment.  Add eggs, one at a time, beating in between.  Sift the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl.  Pour 1/2 of the dry ingredients into the butter mixture and add 1/2 the milk and 1/2 the sour cream.  Combine on low speed of the mixer and then add the rest of the dry ingredients, milk and sour cream, beating on medium until smooth.

Pour half of the batter into a separate bowl.  Add the cocoa powder and extra teaspoons of milk to this bowl, stirring until smooth.  Dollop one large spoonful of vanilla batter and one large spoonful of the chocolate batter side by side (ish) in each paper muffin cup.  Use a butter knife or skewer to make a zigzag patter through the batters to marbelize.  Mine did not look marbelized at ALL before baking and then voila, they came out beautifully anyhow.  Let the cupcakes cool completely before topping.

For the rocky road topping, combine the coconut, peanuts and marshmallows on a plate.  Spread the top of one cupcake with about 1 teaspoon of the melted chocolate.  Dip the cupcake upside down on top of the plate with the topping.  Stick more marshmallow and peanuts on top by hand to look pretty and then drizzle with chocolate using a zigzag motion.  I just use my butter knife to dip in the chocolate and then drizzle over the cupcakes back and forth.  You need to complete one cupcake at a time for the topping to stick properly together and to stick to the cupcake.

36 thoughts on “Two Rocky Road Cupcakes and the Bad List

  1. Omg, your dad it too much. I can’t imagine what was going on in your husband’s head! lol Gotta love his sarcasm!

    Now these would have been great to bring to the weigh in you mentioned the other day!, ha! okay, that’s my darkside seeing who can give in to temptation!

    My boys would love these cupcakes, gotta book markt this one! This is a winner in my book!

  2. The girls would so love these just because of the marshmellows!! Yum!!

  3. Now that is a first!! A food talk with your date!! But really he was on to something there!! Honestly Geni, when I meet a new guy I don’t tell him I cook but I do question how he eats. And if he is picky or weird or not open, RED FLAG, and he’s gone!! I honestly couldn’t be with anyone not loving food as I do!! Now for these cupcakes, make them any way you like and I’ll be right over!! I have no pickiness at all, I’m just allergic to mushrooms and thankfullly you don’t include those in any of your desserts!!

  4. ohmygoodness!! these are beautiful! and naughty!! LOL your story is hilarious! i can’t imagine what your hubby must have thought about your dad! =)

  5. That is awesome and priceless! I would have been mortified!!!!! But like you said, it would make me giggle looking back too. Your dad sounds like an absolute hoot! Too darn funny! Love it. 🙂

  6. hahahaha your dad sounds awesome! And as always, the cupcakes look incredible.

  7. Oh my gosh these look absolutely delicious – they are making my mouth water and tummy rumble! Good thing I have cupcakes in the fridge right now 😛
    Another fabulous post!

  8. Haha, I’m actually cracking up right now because I can imagine my dad doing something similar. I’m sure I would have been mortified as well. But hey, it’s somewhat of a factor if the guy is marrying a foodie!? I’m going to send a photo of these cupcakes to my brother right now…he’s going to go nuts. He’s the ultimate chocolate fan and LOVES rocky road.

  9. Oh wow.. you have completely outdone yourself with these rocky road cupcakes. I mean I am drooling over here looking at the photos of these cupcakes lol

  10. Your dad is the greatest. I could see Greg doing this to his sister’s future husband just for kicks. Except it’d be more like: carrots and celery in the marinara yes or no? And if that poor guy said yes, well the whole family would reject him. Seriously, sauce is a big deal among his kin! Love the cupcakes too.

  11. I vote for nuts and coconut! And I am totally laughing thinking about the conversation between your dad and husband. (And at that time in my life, I think I would be the one with all the BAD checkmarks – I’m so glad I’ve branched out – and so is Hubs!).

  12. These look fantastic. I’d eat them either way! And what a great conversation with your dad!

  13. Your dad was a hoot!!! tell your hubby I would have answered steak too! c

  14. What a guy, that Father of yours! Gotta love him! I’ll make things easy for you, Geni. You can make me whatever kind of Rocky Road cupcake you like and, if you make both kinds, I’ll take one of each. I’m easy that way. 🙂

  15. Geni, so funny your dad’s check list…hilarious reading it…
    The cupcakes look great, just call me, I can come and help you with the cupcakes without any fuss.
    Hope you are having a great day 🙂

  16. I think if I could have one last dessert for the rest of my life it might just be this cupcake! Wow

  17. That is one awesome looking cupcake!! Unreal.

  18. These look delicious! My father has what I call a child’s palate and I ate pizza, nuggets, hotdogs and such all my life. When I met my husband a whole WORLD of tastes opened up for me! My dad still scratches his head over this one!

  19. Interesting. I’ve never heard of rocky road with coconut. Both versions look scrumptious!

  20. Geni, that is hysterical!!! Oh, you definitely had me laughing out loud. I LOVE how your father thinks about food.. So awesome!
    These look absolutely delicious! I’ve been craving some chocolate and marshmallows lately, so will have to give these a go.

  21. Ha! I feel you, Geni! I was already 35 when Richard and I got together but my dad couldn’t resist a good tweaking, too. In our case, it was Dad warning R that the changes he’d already experienced with my moving in and thus starting the house-takeover were small potatoes, something along the lines of ‘any time you leave the house for two hours, expect to come home and find the house repainted and the furniture rearranged’.

    As you’ve seen, I serve most company meals deconstructed because we have so many friends and family members with ‘differences of opinion’ about what’s good (or safe) to eat. I’m pretty sure I’d find *both* versions of your Rocky Road goodies delicious as heck. So anything anyone refuses, you just send on over my way! I’m here to help. 😀

  22. Oh man, these look seriously amazing!

  23. Ha ha ha! Your hubby must have been pretty traumatized by that experience! Although I do have to take his side regarding nuts in cookies. 🙂 These cupcakes look fabulous, with or without all the extras!

  24. Hahaha, your dad makes me giggle too.

  25. I don’t like nuts in my cookies, I’ll take chocolate over steak any day and dark chocolates is definitely my thing. I think you and I have the perfect amount of yin and yang going on. 😛

    These cupcakes sound amazing! Need.In.My.Life.

  26. I love this recipe but I’m still sticking to my detox at the moment :(( You’re making it really, really hard LOL.

  27. Too funny! I can’t believe you Dad did that to you. Though, I have to say, I think it says a lot of really good things about your hubby that he sat through it, not saying a word, just so he could go out with you. And I’m with you, I like my rock road with nuts and dark choc!

  28. LOL, you crack me up! Love it 🙂 Love the recipe as well 🙂

  29. Okay, how did I miss that you totally pimped my blog?!? Thanks, m’dear!!

  30. Wow that cupcakes rock! A batch of these wont last a day in our home

  31. Oh my daughter would be over the moon if I made these!
    and your dad! priceless

  32. Great post, thanks for the Moday giggle! Cupcakes look fab, my daughters would adore these.

  33. Gotta love rocky road! Thanks for sharing these on Crazy Sweet Tuesday! 🙂

  34. Oh that is hilarious! And my hubby too won’t eat most of what I like, which is good, it means more for me!

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