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Blogging, A Yummly Recipe Contest and Caramel Apple Cupcakes

HI ALL!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! My Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes are a finalist in the Yummly Halloween Contest! PLEASE GO VOTE by hitting the like button below my Vampire Cupcakes  at Yummly here. 

The tangled web of blogging. It’s been an odd ride this last 15 months to say the least.  What started out as a strange obsession with baking and a random “What the heck” moment when clicking “publish” on my first post has turned into an even stranger obsession with blogging.

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A Personal “Thank You” Note and Apple Custard Cupcakes

A Thank You note to my daughter, Zoie:

Dear Zoie,
Thank you for being such a great daughter and thank you for these amazing apple custard cupcakes that you made to celebrate Dad and my anniversary.

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