Sweet And Crumby

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Berry Bran and Flax Seed Muffins with the Sweet and Crumby Stamp of Approval

I kid you not, these muffins are scrumptious. They are not one iota dry or tough and they have oodles of bran and ground flax seed so you truly can’t go wrong here. If you were ever going to give a healthy type berry muffin with oat bran and ground flax seeds a go, wouldn’t you want to try one that has been given the Sweet and Crumby (S&C) stamp of approval? Wouldn’t you want it to taste bad to the bone but be oh so angelic?


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Fill-In-the-Blanks Muffin Recipe Featuring a Pear-Blueberry Muffin

I have just discovered something amazing! I have “invented” a flavor-of-the-day muffin recipe that is fairly full proof. I have used it several times to make various muffins from run of the mill to exotic.

A couple of weeks ago it was pineapple coconut muffins, and today it is pear blueberry muffins with ginger and cardamom spices.  It is tender and soft and full of fruity and spicy flavors. Continue reading