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New Year’s Eve Apps and Desserts to Knock Your Socks Off

I guess my New Year’s resolution could be to blog more, write fresh posts and become the next latest and greatest thing on the blogosphere, but that’s just not gonna happen. I am totally a blog when I feel like it kind of girl and lately I just haven’t felt it. I’m sure I’ll get in the mood sometime soon…but until then, I have a New Year’s Eve or Day Round Up, if you need some ideas.

These little tartlets are filled with brie, a sauteed apple compote and a touch of honey. They are the world’s easiest and fastest eaten appetizer, and you can choose to make them with the slummin’ it Crescent Roll dough or fancy it up a bit with pie crust (frozen or homemade)…either way, it is a guaranteed HIT!

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Love Me and Hate Me Tomato Jam and Cheddar Chive Biscuits

You WILL love me for this post. I guarantee it. But, will you also hate me? That I am not sure but I certainly hope not. The problem is that this tomato jam and these cheddar biscuits are glorious and once you make them, you may crave them every day for a very long time.

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An Easter Parade…Foodie Style!

Happy almost Easter everyone! I am hosting Easter this year for our crowd of about 30 or so, and I have included what I am planning to serve as well as some yummy things I have seen around the blogosphere so enjoy! All photos have been taken from the blogs mentioned in this round up.

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Role Reversal and Bacon and Potato Mini Frittatas

After a 10 hour excursion to the movies Saturday, I woke up on Sunday feeling like I owed my family a great big “Thank you” for letting me go AWOL. I was sure making a good, stick-to-your-ribs Sunday breakfast was a nice way to start. I was thinking hashbrowns, bacon and eggs but maybe not quite so greasy, and after a little research, found these fairly healthy Cooking Light Muffin Cup Frittatas and knew that I had landed on the right recipe. They are stuffed with crumbled bacon, sauteed diced potatoes and peppers (in a little bacon grease!), and are topped with a smattering of grated cheddar.

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Suit Up Hot Dogs, You’re Going to a Party!

Why on earth does anyone in their right mind give you a “recipe” for hot dog crescent roll-ups on their very prestigious, baking blog (Don’t worry, I have no delusions of grandeur…but one can dream can’t they)?  Pop and Fresh anything isn’t exactly on the hot list and neither are hot dogs for that matter.

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A Smokin’ Pink Pizza

It’s funny but most of my outings, even when totally directed at something other than food, leave a food imprint on my memory.

Every year I go to the Pasadena Showcase House of Design to tour a multimillion dollar mansion, gawk at the over-the-top rooms that each designer showcased, hang out with my mom and eat a light dinner at the on-site catering provided by a local restaurant. Continue reading