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Baking, a Love Story


Frosting as Superglue and a Chocolate Malted S’mores Birthday Cake

Like my cake, this post is a bit of a mess. Sometimes I just don’t think linearly. I know, the rich and chocolatey S’mores cake looks just fine, even delicious, BUT it definitely had a rough start. The crazy baker who had gotten up at 5:00am to frost it was still a bit sleepy. She had not had her coffee and she was doing dangerous stunts with the serrated knife and muttering to herself while burning her finger tips on the freshly broiled marshmallows. It may have been the morning of the birthday party. This idiotic baker may not have planned ahead quite as well as she thought.

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Luscious Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and Lemon Butter Cream Frosting

If you have been dreaming of soft, pillowy clouds and bright beautiful lemons dancing on them, then this IS the cake for you. Maybe you are not strange and you don’t dream of lemons dancing on clouds…but that’s OK…we can still be friends. Just make this cake.

I have never in my life taken a bite of a softer cake. I almost felt like a little halo was surrounding this cake because I imagine that if angels eat cakes, they would eat this.

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Flash Back to the Eighties Inside-Out Ding Dong Cake

Just for the record, I think this dark, devilish and creamy cake is what you might imagine a Ding Dong would be if you were in heaven; if it were actually made for YOU by Dorie Greenspan and if it were made with Chuao Chocolate and served to you within hours of it coming out of the oven.  That is how my family enjoyed this crazy, amazingly soft, chocolaty, cream-filled and frosted cake (minus the Dorie Greenspan part—ah well).

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Not for Sissies Spiced Molten Chocolate Cakes

Inhale. I am giving you permission unlike Bill Clinton’s little foray. You’re not running for president are you? Let’s hope not. Use some imagination…c’mon…I know you can. Close your eyes, picture standing in my kitchen. Please step over the Golden Retriever. Chances are, she is lying at your feet, or more likely has her nose in your crotch. Try to ignore that…it’s difficult, but please try for this little exercise.

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Aunt Bette’s Dangerous German Chocolate Cake

Aunt Bette is my husband’s aunt, and as far as my dad is concerned, her German Chocolate cake is the best dowry any dad could ask for.  It is actually airy and spongy, with the best ooey, gooey coconut and pecan topping.  If that’s not enough, it also has a luxurious chocolate butter cream frosting on the sides just to send it over the top.

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All For One and One for All – Three Musketeers Birthday Cupcakes

My son requested a Three Musketeers’ flavored birthday cake for his family birthday dinner recently.  He turned 17 this month…that is absolutely one of the craziest things I have heard in awhile.

Where has the time gone? Most of us find ourselves saying that now and again, especially as we watch our children grow. That is the running theme in my head like a song that is stuck playing over and over again. Tears almost trickle down, but yet I am happy. Everything is good. Really good. Continue reading


A Birthday Cookie and One Last Hurrah

The dust has settled. It’s weird. My kitchen looks rather naked without its beautiful wood floors. It makes me uncomfortable; to see it like this…pulled apart at the seams.

Yesterday morning I knew this was the beginning of the end of my baking for a few weeks, at least in my own kitchen anyway. You know me, I will probably become a squatter in somebody else’s kitchen. I barely can breathe without baking. Continue reading


A Spicy Apple Cake Gets Soused

Hi All, this is a re-post from last September, but it’s so fall-ish, so spicy and apple-y, I just HAD to play it again.  Just like an old favorite movie you could watch 100 times, this cake is THAT kind of cake…

How could something NOT CHOCOLATE be this delicious? It has taken absolutely every ounce of strength I have NOT to lick my fingers when frosting this cake. It is a decadent creamy, caramel icing, and the cake itself is soft, rich and full of the spices of fall.

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The Sordid Tale of My Infamous Cointreau Cake

This totally drunk out of its mind Devil’s Food Cointreau cake has a bit of a sordid past I’m afraid. My parents, although very conservative, seemed to veer from the straight and narrow path in regards to child-rearing on one particular issue; anything done in the name of good food was not only acceptable but revered.

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Imperfection and a Black and White Cake

I am afraid I have not been totally honest with you, my faithful readers.  I look back on many posts and see things that have literally been sugar coated; made pretty for the camera, better than they truly appear in my kitchen.  This cake slice is a perfect example.

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