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When Life Gives You Lemons—Make Lemon Rosemary Cake!

I apologize for the re-runs, and I do have some delectable Chocolate Malt Cupcakes sitting in my fridge waiting patiently for their photo shoot, but sometimes life just comes first. So enjoy this one until they get their time in the spotlight. Take care!

Lemonade is refreshing, yes, but lemon cake is memorable…especially this one. This lemon cake is NOT the syrup-y sweet kind that tastes like a lemon lollipop.  This one  is tart, blooming with hints of rosemary and the lightest, almost translucent, flavor of olive oil.   The texture is exquisite.  It’s full and solid,  yet also soft and moist.

I’m in a lemon phase.  Maybe it’s because it had been so cold last month, and I am now basking in the warm weather here in sunny So. Cal, or maybe it’s because of the book I have just finished reading, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

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April Fool’s Faux Fries and A Chocolate Chipped, Orange Zested Pound Cake Ticket to Crazy Place

Hi All,

Since April Fool’s Day is today, I thought I would repost this since it is a doozy, tastes YUM and will definitely fool anyone you serve them to. Make sure to stop by your local fast food joint and ask if you can take one of the little ketchup cups when you buy a soda or something, it really helps with the whole look of the fake fries. Happy fooling! —Love, Geni

I can’t do anything normally, the obvious way, the “exactly according to the recipe” way. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. Today it worked; really, really worked.

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Sunny Side Up Orange Layer Cake

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person? I have to admit that I, like Darth Vader, naturally swing to the darker side, BUT knowing my sinister ways, I try very hard to make a conscious decision to look at the bright side.


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New Year’s Eve Apps and Desserts to Knock Your Socks Off

I guess my New Year’s resolution could be to blog more, write fresh posts and become the next latest and greatest thing on the blogosphere, but that’s just not gonna happen. I am totally a blog when I feel like it kind of girl and lately I just haven’t felt it. I’m sure I’ll get in the mood sometime soon…but until then, I have a New Year’s Eve or Day Round Up, if you need some ideas.

These little tartlets are filled with brie, a sauteed apple compote and a touch of honey. They are the world’s easiest and fastest eaten appetizer, and you can choose to make them with the slummin’ it Crescent Roll dough or fancy it up a bit with pie crust (frozen or homemade)…either way, it is a guaranteed HIT!

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A Tunnel of Fudge Cake Happy Birthday Toast to My Dad

I was sixteen and running late for my first date with a boy whom I really liked and I made the cataclysmic mistake of telling my dad to “entertain” him for a few minutes. After I sprayed my last bit of Aqua Net onto my two inch high bangs, glossed over my lips and slipped on my “pumps”, I walked into our family room to find my dad, six foot three inches tall, and my date tap dancing on our wood floors while my dad whistled and sang, “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

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My Fall Favorites…An Apple-y Collection of Recipes Past

Hi All,

It seems I just can’t get into the swing of things as Fall baking and cooking should be starting to be ushered in. I love Fall…more than any other season and the food that comes with it. But when it’s been in the 100 degree temps on and off for the last four weeks, I simply can’t accept that Fall is near.

So here are some good ol’ apple-y Fall favorites for you to peruse while I try to muster up some motivation to make something other than salad.

My Cinnamon Apple Waffles are a fabulous way to start the day. They are crispy, lightly spiced, a little sweet and just the right thing to get you in the Fall spirit even if I am not.

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Thank You for the Bread Crumbs {A Lemon-Cornmeal and Thyme Pound Cake}

Bread crumbs, dotted along my path, stopping here at Sweet and Crumby along the way and trailing forward, around a bend I cannot see the end to. Thank you for leaving them for me. After all, no matter how much I cook, bake, write, photograph or click “publish”, none of it would really matter that much if you weren’t here reading, commenting and writing your own blogs which essentially have led me through this process of blogging.

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Fourth of July Round-Up

Cuz I have been in the lazy groove of summer and living life large a little too much lately, I don’t have a new post for the Fourth of July holiday but I do have some tried and true faves and I also have seen some pretty snazzy stuff around the blogosphere. So enjoy…and have a wonderful, tasty and SAFE Fourth. BTW…all the gorgeous photos you see below are stolen from the blogs mentioned and linked to in this post.

How about starting the day with my Red Velvet Pancakes and cream cheese dipping sauce (that’s breakfast code for frosting). These would surely wake up the family and begin the celebration on the right foot.

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Some Things Are Better Upside-Down {Skillet Baked Apricot Upside-Down Cake}

Summer is absolutely at its best when everything is a little upside-down. Kids, if they are lucky, are lazily staggering up at 10:00am instead of rushing off to school, moms have a few weights removed from their shoulders and stacked carefully to the side for a later date, and sometimes, dessert is served at the beginning of the day and renamed Apricot Coffee Cake, just because.

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