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Baileys Buttercream and a Dark Chocolate Incognito Cupcake{Gluten Free}

These devastatingly delicious, over-the-top, dark chocolate cupcakes with get yourself drunk Baileys Buttercream are GLUTEN FREE! Who knew GF could be fabulous?!  I have also included my very best all-purpose flour dark chocolate cupcakes as well so it’s win win all over S&C (if you missed the last post, I have recently converted to referring to my blog as S&C because, like J.Lo, I am too cool to spell out my name…or I’m just that lazy…hmmm).

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A Seventies Lunch Box Revival: Twinkies! {Chocolate Squared Style}

I saw these totally retro, devilishly chocolate, homemade Twinkies on Simple Math Bakery’s site last week (check Jeanne’s site out…much better photos there my friends). They immediately brought back memories of sitting in the school lunch shelter at turquoise painted picnic tables (gum stuck to the underneath of course), chatting with my friends and trading chips and cookies when someone had what you wanted.

When I broke into my lunch, I immediately had to check out the dessert action first. I have always had a very bad sweet tooth I’m afraid.

The best (and worst for you) part of any kid’s 70’s lunch, if she was worth her salt, was the Hostess surprise inside. Whether it was a semi-stale bright yellow Twinkie or the foil wrapped Devil’s food, Ding Dong, Hostess was the king of the Snack world in the 70’s…though, sadly and very gratefully, not any more. Continue reading


Two Rocky Road Cupcakes and the Bad List

These Rocky Road cupcakes are a perfect example of my tug-of-war with my family over good taste.  My daughter and I had to make two versions of these lovely cupcakes to please both sides of the food spectrum at my house. You know that old song, “You say tomato (to-may-to) and I say tomato (to-maw-to), You say, Po “tay” to and I say Po “taw” to…Let’s Call the whole thing off?”  Well that is sort of the story of my food life at our house.  Here is version two of the Rocky Road cupcake with Coconut and Peanuts. Continue reading


A Day Late And a Dollar Short Drunken Cointreau Cupcakes

Yes, this would have been a good post for FRIDAY or even SATURDAY as you were getting ready to party on, but as the title suggests, I am a day late and a dollar short. That’s just how it is folks.

This week has been nuts. At best. We have visited TWO ER’s, THREE other Doctors’ offices, went for an MRI, AND the best part is, this all started ON CHRISTMAS! Who knew we could be so exciting?! I did. That’s our Christmas M.O. I’m afraid. That is not the first time we have needed an ER on Christmas. Continue reading


A Trio of Cupcakes

Rich Red Velvets, Devil’s Food with peppermint buttercream, and whipped chocolate Three Musketeers mini cupcakes made up a festive tray for a Christmas party my son was attending over the weekend. It was a last hurrah before the dreaded finals week or as I affectionately like to refer to it as the “f” word.

My thirteen-year-old daughter and I had spent almost two hours just decorating 48 mini cupcakes. That was a labor of love if there ever was one. But honestly, we didn’t do it for those unobservant teens (no offense guys). We did it for us; for the fun of hanging out in the kitchen together, laughing at our ridiculous piping mistakes, and pulling the big, goofy Golden Retriever away from the table as she was only millimeters away from licking a cupcake. Continue reading


All For One and One for All – Three Musketeers Birthday Cupcakes

My son requested a Three Musketeers’ flavored birthday cake for his family birthday dinner recently.  He turned 17 this month…that is absolutely one of the craziest things I have heard in awhile.

Where has the time gone? Most of us find ourselves saying that now and again, especially as we watch our children grow. That is the running theme in my head like a song that is stuck playing over and over again. Tears almost trickle down, but yet I am happy. Everything is good. Really good. Continue reading


Blogging, A Yummly Recipe Contest and Caramel Apple Cupcakes

HI ALL!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! My Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes are a finalist in the Yummly Halloween Contest! PLEASE GO VOTE by hitting the like button below my Vampire Cupcakes  at Yummly here. 

The tangled web of blogging. It’s been an odd ride this last 15 months to say the least.  What started out as a strange obsession with baking and a random “What the heck” moment when clicking “publish” on my first post has turned into an even stranger obsession with blogging.

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Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes

The Halloween party has begun early over here with these Red Velvet vampire cupcakes. This recipe honestly will rock your world and will beat out any other Red Velvet recipe in any throwdown, showdown or bake-off.  Trust me.  And with the new McCormick black and their red food coloring, it was easy to make an everyday Red Velvet cupcake into a blood-sucking vampire.

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Pumpkin Insanity Featuring Pumpkin Citrus Cupcakes with Cinnamon and Nutmeg Spiced Buttercream

Lately, I am concerned about my sanity or rather lack there of.  I can’t seem to stop the pumpkin posts. Yes, I know you are done with them and I know I should be done with them but I’m not, and I don’t think I CAN stop.

This photo provided to you by Zoie, my 13 year old daughter.

These soft, citrus-y pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon and nutmeg spiced butter cream are definitely worth squandering my sanity over. No question about it, but I DO have to wonder….WHY can’t I seem to pull myself AWAY from the pumpkins?! It’s odd at best. Continue reading


A Peanut Butter Devil’s Food Cupcake Kissed with Melted Chocolate


When life is crazy…sometimes the only sane thing to do is eat chocolate.

And when hurricanes battle down an entire side of the country, when earthquakes have taken the ground from underneath us, and when there is no way to right the wrongs across the globe that mount in my head, sometimes I just need a diversion.

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